Cannabis () is a genus of flowering plants in the family Cannabaceae. The number of species within the genus is disputed. Three species may be recognized: Cannabis sativa, Cannabis indica, and Cannabis ruderalis; C. ruderalis may be included within C. sativa; all three may be treated as subspecies of a single species, C. sativa; or C. sativa may be accepted as a single undivided species. The genus is widely accepted as being indigenous to and originating from Central Asia, with some researchers also including upper South Asia in its origin.The plant is also known as hemp, although this term is …

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Cato Institute · 18 November 2021

approving medical cannabis. How did a conservative state like Utah get it done? How well does its program serve patients? Molly Davis with the Libertas Institute and the Utah Cannabis Association comments

Cato Institute · 16 November 2021

States Reform Act that would remove cannabis from the federal government‚Äôs list of controlled substances, expunge federal criminal records related to nonviolent cannabis offenses, prevent the Small Business Business Administration from discriminating against state‚Äź‚Äčlicensed cannabis businesses, and allow doctors practicing in the Veterans Affairs Health System to prescribe medicinal marijuana.In those respects regulate cannabis in the same way it regulates alcohol and ‚Äúno more.‚ÄĚ Therefore, the FDA may regulate labeling, prescribe serving sizes, and approve new drugs or medical uses derived from cannabis, but it

Cato Institute · 6 November 2021

states where cannabis is legal for either medical or recreational use, and that has brought with it industry insiders trying to drive regulation going forward. Shanita Penny is a cannabis educator and

Cato Institute · 3 November 2021

Even though California legalized the consumption and sale of recreational cannabis in 2016, its legal weed industry has struggled in the face of high taxes, local government opposition, and burdensome its own cannabis should its license be infringed upon, deliver forms of transportation, inventory, quality control, security and delivery procedures to make sure all rules are followed. Cannabis businesses businesses must also use the California Cannabis Track and Trace (CCTT) system to track marijuana from ‚Äúseed to sale‚ÄĚ and test cannabis for residual solvents, chemicals, and pesticides in certified labs. And

AREU · 2 November 2021 English

The assumption that the Taliban collected significant amounts of money taxing the cultivation of opium, the production of opiates, and on the smuggling of drugs across Afghanistan’s borders is the …

further $15 million from the production and trade in cannabis and methamphetamine. This is significantly less

EPRS · 29 October 2021 German

Dieses Dokument ist Teil einer Reihe von Studien, mit denen das Recht auf Gesundheit in verschiedenen Staaten aus rechtsvergleichender Sicht dargestellt werden soll. Nach einer Erklärung der einschlägigen Rechtsvorschriften und …

............. 39 III.1.13. BVerfGE 90, 145 ‚Äď Cannabis ............................................. ............. 55 III.3.1. BVerwGE 123, 352 ‚Äď Cannabis-Therapie ....................................

EPRS · 29 October 2021 English

Just over two months after the Taliban returned to power in Afghanistan on 15 August 2021, the movement remains politically isolated. So far, no country has recognised the caretaker government …

the production of ephedra, methamphetamine and cannabis. According to the UN, this remains the Taliban's

AREU · 28 October 2021 English

Peace and illicit drugs at the margins: A borderland view of Afghanistan’s SDG 16 1 Why a borderland view? A borderland perspective on the framing of the The borderlands need …

Photograph of catapult used to smuggle Dr Orzala Nemat cannabis, opiates or methamphetamine across August 2021

Cato Institute · 25 October 2021

which still features the Harris rider.In 2014, D.C. voters approved a ballot initiative legalizing cannabis sales, possession, and consumption for recreational purposes. Congress responded with the Harris legalizations show no clear departure from pre‚Äź‚Äčlegalization trends when looking at outcomes such as cannabis consumption and prices. Effects on crime, suicides, and traffic accidents are either small or unclear

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