Cultural Heritage

Cultural heritage is the legacy of cultural resources and intangible attributes of a group or society that is inherited from past generations. Not all legacies of past generations are "heritage", rather heritage is a product of selection by society.Cultural heritage includes tangible culture (such as buildings, monuments, landscapes, books, works of art, and artifacts), intangible culture (such as folklore, traditions, language, and knowledge), and natural heritage (including culturally significant landscapes, and biodiversity).The deliberate act of keeping cultural and heritage from the present for the future is known as preservation (American English) or conservation (British English), which cultural and historical ethnic …



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(viii) "Environmental and Social Standard 8: Cultural Heritage"; (ix) "Environmental and Social Standard

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Congressional oversight • International law • UN and human rights • Trump trials • Podcast: Protecting cultural heritage The post Digest of Recent Articles on Just Security (June 10-June 14) appeared first on Just

rights • Trump trials • Podcast: Protecting cultural heritage</p> <p>The post <a href="https://www.justsecurity

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legal framework could change how nations protect cultural heritage during armed conflict. The post The Just Security Podcast: Protecting Cultural Heritage During Armed Conflict appeared first on Just Security

framework could change how nations protect cultural heritage during armed conflict.</p> <p>The post <a /">The Just Security Podcast: Protecting Cultural Heritage During Armed Conflict</a> appeared first on

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assessment; labor and health and safety; cultural heritage; construction standards; non-discrimination be ongoing are considered cultural heritage. Ukraine's cultural heritage sites are protected by regulations Protection of Cultural Heritage." The Law of Ukraine "On Protection of Cultural Heritage" provides the the foundation for protecting cultural heritage objects, requiring developers to obtain necessary approvals restrictions on economic activities in areas with cultural heritage objects. A Chance Find Procedure ensures

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3.6 Environmental and Social Standard 8: Cultural Heritage; This ESS sets out general provisions on on risks and impacts to cultural heritage from project activities ESS7 sets out additional requirements requirements for cultural heritage in the context of Indigenous Peoples. ESS6 recognizes the social and cultural Objectives of the ESS8 include: • To protect cultural heritage from the adverse impacts of project activities support its preservation. • To address cultural heritage as an integral aspect of sustainable development

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In the third year of Russia's invasion, Ukraine has suffered enormous damages, with some sectors—such as buildings and infrastructure—particularly badly hit. The reconstruction effort presents an opportunity for Ukraine to …

buildings were built that failed to conserve cultural heritage or stimulate economic growth (Al-Bayati, 2022)

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that pose risks to areas of ecological and cultural/heritage significance; (ii) Development of an operation

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(viii) ESS8 - Cultural heritage. During consultations and field visits, no cultural heritage was identified

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Traditional Local Communities; viii) ESS8-Cultural Heritage; and ix) ESS10 - Stakeholder Engagement and System. ESS8: Cultural Heritage: ESS8 aims to protect and preserve cultural heritage, in tangible and activities. The assessment of the presence of cultural heritage is integral in the environmental and social stakeholders, review of regulations for managing cultural heritage, and inventories, maps and surveys of cultural cultural resources. The National Cultural Heritage Act of 2009 (RA 10066) is the principal law in the

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minimized negative impacts on the IPs. ESS8 Cultural Heritage Relevant Some forested areas within the overall tangible and intangible cultural heritage. For example, there are some cultural heritage sites in the project Act (2019). A chance finds procedure for cultural heritage, consistent with the relevant national legislation screened for substantial risks to or impacts on cultural heritage, the requirements of ESS8 of the ESF will will be applied, and a Cultural Heritage Management Plan that stipulates the relevant mitigation measures

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