Czechoslovakism (Czech: Čechoslovakismus, Slovak: Čechoslovakizmus) is a concept which underlines reciprocity of the Czechs and the Slovaks. It is best known as an ideology which holds that there is one Czechoslovak nation, though it might also appear as a political program of two nations living in one common state. The climax of Czechoslovakism fell on 1918-1938, when as a one-nation-theory it became the official political doctrine of Czechoslovakia; its best known representative was Tomáš Masaryk. Today Czechoslovakism as political concept or ideology is almost defunct; its remnant is a general sentiment of cultural affinity, present among many Czechs and Slovaks.

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A S · 23 June 2021 English

States must the context of Covid-19 where places of de- uphold the principle of non-refoulement: no tention pose particular challenges in terms migrant shall be sent back to a country …

failure of the uprising of 1956–57; 12,000 Czechoslovaks in 1968 after revolution that year; 7,000 Ugandans

A S · 23 June 2021 English

In the EU-28, the number The growth of the world’s population, globalization, and the increasingly close economic and social ties between states that go hand in hand with the latter …

failure of the uprising of 1956–57; 12,000 Czechoslovaks in 1968 after revolution that year; 7,000 Ugandans

School of Public Policy, University of Calgary · 15 January 2021

As shown in the figure, 2018 marks Canada passing the US in leading refugee The UNHCR and participating countries negotiate the intake of resettlement refugees, in resettlement. [...] La réinstallation …

1956 and 1968: 37,000 Hungarians and 11,000 Czechoslovaks fleeing many, but countries are likely to be

ACUS · 5 June 2019 English

year, and their success in democratic and free-market transformation, Central Europeans opened the door to a Europe whole, free, and at peace, allied with the The Hard Road to Success …

separation—to treat Central Europe as (the Poles and Czechoslovaks especially). The legacy apart from, and subordinate competition: Vladimir Lenin’s world communist revolu- Czechoslovaks, and Yugoslavs, of whose independence tion and

CEIP · 20 February 2019 English

Russia’s long-standing quest for strategic depth, great power ambitions, and uneasy ties with the West have left an indelible imprint on Moscow’s foreign policy.

Soviet bloc countries— including East Germans, Czechoslovaks, and Cubans—who helped deliver security assistance

BESA · 24 October 2018 English

Yet while most discussions focus on the Anglo-French betrayal of Czechoslovakia that would trigger the worst war in human history, there is a commonly overlooked lesson to this tragedy: the …

ethnic Germans. This was too much for ordinary Czechoslovaks, and on September 21-22, huge crowds took to

Czechoslovak Society of Arts and Sciences · 8 October 2018 English

documentary at the 2018 SVU World Congress in Prague, its world premiere was screened in Los Angeles by The Wende Museum, in cooperation with the Consulate General of the Czech …

uje e vydání komiksové knihy Stories of our Czechoslovaks , která formou komiksu zpracovává vybrané pří of the book in preparation: "Stories of our Czechoslovaks" (only 3 first pages from the Radomír Luža booklet)

Czechoslovak Society of Arts and Sciences · 28 March 2018 English

SVU News № 1/2018 8 The 29th SVU World Congress | Prague, July 10–12, 2018 Marking the Sixty Years of the Czechoslovak Society of Arts and Sciences, commemorating the Centennial …

edition. The project called "Stories of our Czechoslovaks" will be presented in form of a comics book beautiful comics book of the “tories of our Czechoslovaks . For more information about the project and

Freedom House Europe · 22 December 2017 English

For the estimate of the Com- parative Survey of Freedom—the centerpiece of this, as of the first Freedom in the World—is that the freedoms of the citizens of Iran, on …

" and that they made no attempt to speak as Czechoslovaks, but as Americans, for instance, or Canadians

Czechoslovak Society of Arts and Sciences · 20 December 2017 English

Emil Wagner, co- for the visual style in catalogues, magazines, owner of the Mount Airy Lodge in the Pocono product packaging, and music video productions Mountains and 1995 recipient of …

our patron, H&P Law s.r.o., has helped many Czechoslovaks from around the world, and it has listened to Talks project embraces the life stories of Czechoslovaks around the world – the stories of their personal

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