The Czechs (Czech: Češi, pronounced [ˈtʃɛʃɪ]; singular masculine: Čech [ˈtʃɛx], singular feminine: Češka [ˈtʃɛʃka]), or the Czech people (Český lid), are a West Slavic ethnic group and a nation native to the Czech Republic in Central Europe, who share a common ancestry, culture, history, and the Czech language. Ethnic Czechs were called Bohemians in English until the early 20th century, referring to the medieval land of Bohemia which in turn was adapted from late Iron Age tribe of Celtic Boii. During the Migration Period, West Slavic tribes of Bohemians settled in the area, "assimilated the remaining Celtic and Germanic populations", …

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OSW · 22 November 2021 English

These factors include: the discontinuity of the state system; the legacy of totalitarian repression; the repeated destruc‑ tion of the elites and the social fabric in the 20th century, leading …

in 1938 was not only an error, but above all a sin”. ‘Czechs praise Kaczynski’s apology for 1938 annexation’

GLOBSEC · 12 November 2021 English

He is an assistant professor participated in the design and at HSE University, Russia; implementation of a number The concept of sharp power as well as a research fellow of …

143 The “dark side” of the Slovak (un)civil soci- Czechs was established in 2014 and https:// la-pestov

GLOBSEC · 12 November 2021 English

He is an assistant professor participated in the design and at HSE University, Russia; implementation of a number The concept of sharp power as well as a research fellow of …

long-standing Euroscepticism – Medium1989, has environment. Czechs view the EU least favorably of all societies in Public No one will tell us what to do attitudes The Czechs, undoubtedly, would prefer to chart their own course course. According to GLOBSEC Trends 2021, 58% of Czechs perceive Chapter 1 their country as situated between the values Vulnerability score and attitudes that Czechs identify as important, are central factors to react the underscore a rather complicated influence. Czechs, import of Western relationship with the European

AEI · 3 November 2021 English

Mr. Chairman, Mr. Co-Chairman, Ranking Members, Commissioners, Thank you for the opportunity to address you today on this important subject. I, like many others in Washington, have followed the developments …

Muslims than “old” EU countries—with 64 percent of Czechs, 58 percent of Hungarians, 66 percent of Poles

GLOBSEC · 8 October 2021 English

The 2021 edition of The Tatra Summit Insight Report The index value 63.9 is interpreted as being almost at a continues to cater to the quest for a bold, strategic …

are overshadowed by systemic while the number of Czechs who have engaged with the challenges which threaten provided by United World Colleges (UWC), of the Czechs’ success in this field. Information technology

CEIP · 30 September 2021 English

Civil society groups are simultaneously responding to the pandemic’s direct impacts and looking to a post-pandemic future. Many economic, political, and geostrategic challenges are shaping their thinking and their strategies.

civil society: a survey found that a majority of Czechs thought that China did more to help their country -Russia-and-China-heard-the-call. 47 David Hutt, “Will the Czechs Be the Next to Look to Russia and China for COVID-19 2021, the-next-eu-nation-to-look-to-russia-for-vaccines l s

OSW · 29 September 2021 English

An amendment to the law on the education system added distance learning to the list of obligatory forms of education and enabled the Ministry of Education to fund the purchase …

the beginning of November 2020, fewer than 70,000 Czechs were using the Citizen’s Portal, and since the opinion poll conducted in 2019 showed that 80% of Czechs would be willing to use online services in the

OSW · 27 September 2021 English

The situation is further complicated by the fact that for many years the Czech Republic was focusing on the construction of a flood control system and on the mitigation of …

located in Europe’s main watershed (according to Czechs, their country is “the roof of Europe”) from which received widespread media coverage. In 2019, 76% of Czechs consid‑ ered drought to be a serious or very serious there was a ma‑ jor increase in the proportion of Czechs who view drought as a  problem: from 76% in 2016 Gabriel Večeřa, ranked 61st on the list of richest Czechs. The six biggest recipients of agricultural subsidies

OSCE · 4 August 2021

Published by the OSCE Office for Democratic Institutions and Human Rights (ODIHR) ul. [...] The contents of this publication may be freely used and copied for educational and other non-commercial …

Конвенция о статусе бежен- См., например: Only Czechs and Belgians Banned цев 1951 г., Международная r-control_en coronavirus/

GLOBSEC · 30 July 2021 English

The Institute wants to make an impact so that the values of the GLOBSEC organisation – a liberal and democratic order in the transatlantic world – are deeply embedded in …

particularly favourably among Austrians (86%), Czechs (69%), Slovaks (64%), Lithuanians and Latvians lower: only 12% of Slovaks and 10% of Austrians, Czechs, Latvians and Romanians identify China as a strategic of Estonians come to the same conclusion. Both Czechs and Bulgarians (13% and 4% decrease respectively) region. Among V4 countries, based on our data, the Czechs and Poles are especially wary of China’s involvement States and China, witnessing declines only among Czechs (6% drop). By contrast, 6% of Slovaks and Romanians

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