Discrimination is the act of making unjustified distinctions between human beings based on the groups, classes, or other categories to which they are perceived to belong. People may be discriminated on the basis of race, gender, age, religion, or sexual orientation, as well as other categories. Discrimination especially occurs when individuals or groups are unfairly treated in a way which is worse than other people are treated, on the basis of their actual or perceived membership in certain groups or social categories. It involves restricting members of one group from opportunities or privileges that are available to members of another …



Center for Disaster Philanthropy · 29 November 2023 English

The was committing to action done to follow through on the objective of influencing philanthropy beyond existing membership, continuing to energize the Prior to the meeting, participants group and bringing …

historically marginalized groups face greater discrimination and their needs should be prioritized. 10.

ANND: Arab NGO Network for Development · 29 November 2023 English

Despite the complex and tragic circumstances afflicting the region, the UN's twenty-eighth Conference of the Parties (COP 28) on Climate Change is scheduled to be held in Dubai this year …

account the perspective of equality and non-discrimination, the responsibilities of commercial enterprises also warned against falling into the trap of discrimination between countries concerned with compensation

FSF: Free State Foundation · 28 November 2023 English

2023, I said: “Given the importance of widespread access to broadband services, the ‘Digital Discrimination’ proceeding is one of the most important items on the FCC’s agenda.” On November 15, on the congressionally legislative history of section 60506 or the record of this proceeding indicating that intentional discrimination by industry participants based on the listed characteristics substantially contributes to disparities

28, 2023 Vol. 18, No. 51 The FCC’s Digital Discrimination Order: An Overreach in Pursuit of a Worthy access to broadband services, the ‘Digital Discrimination’ proceeding is one of the most important items adopted rules intended to prevent “digital discrimination of access based on income level, race, ethnicity troubling ways. The objective of preventing discrimination in access to internet services is certainly org/commentary/fedsoc-blog/the-fcc-s-digital-discrimination-order-overreach-in-pursuit-of-a-worthy-goal

Amnesty International · 24 November 2023 French

This document provides a summary of the Amnesty International report ‘An unstoppable movement’ (POL 40/7420/2023) which provides an overview of how Women Human Rights Defenders who defend the right to …

devienne une réalité universelle, sans la moindre discrimination. Les entretiens et les travaux de recherche Bousculer les rapports de force, lutter contre la discrimination (index AI : ACT 30/1139/2019), 29 novembre

UNDP: United Nations Development Programme · 24 November 2023 English

Progress and the Peril: HIV and Global De/criminalization of Same-Sex Sex documents the reversal on laws criminalizing same-sex sex in the context of the HIV pandemic. The joint report by …

Progress: Deepening Criminalization 5. Non-Discrimination and Protection Under the Law 6. Vignette: simply not criminalizing to establish clear non- discrimination laws that include LGBTQ+ people along with this year, only about half have clear non-discrimination laws and policies and independent human rights human rights institutions and laws against discrimination as well as investment in community services Repressive legislation looms, institutionalizing discrimination, prejudice, and violence against our communities

Amnesty International · 24 November 2023 English

Around the world, those defending abortion rights are under attack, including activists, advocates, educators, clinic escorts, accompaniers, doulas, and healthcare workers. They are exposed to stigmatization, physical and verbal attacks, …

sexuality free from the threat of prosecution, discrimination, coercion or violence. They allow us to decide to safe abortion a reality for all without discrimination. Information collected through interviews International, Challenging power, fighting discrimination (Index: ACT ACT 30/1139/2019), 29 November International, Challenging power, fighting discrimination. A call to action to recognise and protect further bolster and perpetuate intersectional discrimination and have a disparate impact on those facing

OCC: Ontario Chamber of Commerce · 23 November 2023

This includes the role that the business community has and continues to play in the systemic marginalization and exclusion of Indigenous Peoples from social and economic opportunities, from education, employment, …

the same time, ongoing structural racism and discrimination have led to intergenerational trauma, deeply

UNDP: United Nations Development Programme · 23 November 2023 English

This energy governance policy paper serves as a strategic framework for UNDP teams and their partners to craft cohesive and impactful responses to foster a just energy transition. It intends …

Independent oversight Leaving no one behind Non-discrimination Participation Subsidiarity Intergenerational

UNODC: United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime · 22 November 2023 English

15 Due to improvements in data coverage and statistical modelling, the estimated 2022 global rate of 1.2 female intimate partner/family- related homicides per 100,000 women is not directly comparable to …

emicide 40 Committee on the Elimination of Discrimination Against Women (CEDAW) (2017), General Recommendation

World Bank Group · 22 November 2023

system), relatively low public spending on education at nearly all levels, marginalization and discrimination, teenage pregnancy, and school-based violence. We generate evidence on intergenerational educational

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