Economic Development

In the economic study of the public sector, economic and social development is the process by which the economic well-being and quality of life of a nation, region, local community, or an individual are improved according to targeted goals and objectives. The term has been used frequently in the 20th and 21st centuries, but the concept has existed in the West for far longer. "Modernization", "Westernization", and especially "industrialization" are other terms often used while discussing economic development. Whereas economic development is a policy intervention aiming to improve the well-being of people, economic growth is a phenomenon of market productivity …



ADB: Asian Development Bank · 22 August 2024 English

The project will be aligned with the following impact: social welfare system strengthened to build resilience and promote human and social development. The outcome will be: health, resilience, and socioeconomic …

equity investments to promote social and economic development. Headquarters 6 ADB Avenue, Mandaluyong

RSIS: S. Rajaratnam School of International Studies · 11 April 2024 English

Food Security Issues in Asia By Paul Teng SYNOPSIS The Asian region faces an ever-present threat of food insecurity, partly caused by factors that disrupt food production but also due …

state of agricultural transformation, their economic development status, as well as agrifood policies that

FCDO: Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office · 10 April 2024 English

This annual publication provides an overview of the provisional UK aid spending for 2023 (Official Development Assistance). It also provides comparisons with 2022 spend. It includes: • Total UK ODA …

is administered with the promotion of the economic development and welfare of developing countries as reporting spend on ODA to the Organisation of Economic Development and Co-operation (OECD), including the

SUERF: SUERF The European Money and Finance Forum · 9 April 2024 English

central bank independence between 1950 and 2023. [...] Figure 4: Evolution of CBI by level of economic development Note: The figure shows the evolution of the average degree of independence across central

index from 1950 until 2023, categorized by economic development clusters: namely, high-income, upper-middle-income Figure 4: Evolution of CBI by level of economic development Note: The figure shows the evolution of across countries with varying levels of economic development, signals a broader recognition of the importance

UNECE: United Nations Economic Commission for Europe · 9 April 2024 English

A step- change is needed in the quality and quantity of infrastructure and development finance to meet the global goals, and this is expected to be reaffirmed by the international …

SDGs into practice in their PPP programmes economic development, environmental of conflicts and disasters

RAND Corporation · 9 April 2024 English

The report examines how U.S. military veterans describe their endorsement of extremist groups and beliefs, their experiences in the military and transition to veteran status, and their path to their …

Veterans Affairs, “Outreach, Transition and Economic Development: Your VA Tran- sition Assistance Program Veterans Affairs, “Outreach, Transition and Economic Development: Your VA Transition Assistance Program

Compass · 9 April 2024 English

In this report, we consider five recent proposals for English devolution authored respectively by the Bennett Institute and Institute for Government, the Brown Commission on the UK’s Future, The Fabian …

tightly connected with issues of regional economic development, while the democratic and identity dimensions devolution, with a particular focus on local economic development and social justice spending, and fiscal to the People? Powering Up devolved local economic development functions, the right to raise local taxes of their fiscal devolution proposal are economic development and inequality, recommending the establishment establishment of a core Local Economic Development (LED) pot, a 30 year investment fund targeting poverty

Afrobarometer · 7 April 2024 English

While GDP per capita offers an objective, country-level measure of the economic outlook in the surveyed countries, individuals’ perceptions provide a subjective way of checking the robustness of the results …

underexplored. We argue that lower levels of economic development are associated with higher citizen support , & Mellinger, A. (1998). Geography and economic development. International Regional Science Review,

ORF: Observer Research Foundation · 5 April 2024 English

Introduction In 2008, the Maldives elected its first president under the multiparty electoral system, making the country the youngest democracy in South Asia. A new president has been voted to …

in the blue, digital, and green economy, economic development, human resource development, disaster reduction

NCCIH: National Collaborating Centre for Indigineous Health · 5 April 2024

Chapter 2 of the NCCIH’s Indigenous cultural safety: An environmental scan of cultural safety initiatives in Canada focuses on cultural safety initiatives developed and implemented by the federal government and …

Government of Canada that came out of an and economic development. It also establishes a Emergency Meeting

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