Economic Development

In the economic study of the public sector, economic and social development is the process by which the economic well-being and quality of life of a nation, region, local community, or an individual are improved according to targeted goals and objectives. The term has been used frequently in the 20th and 21st centuries, but the concept has existed in the West for far longer. "Modernization", "Westernization", and especially "industrialization" are other terms often used while discussing economic development. Whereas economic development is a policy intervention aiming to improve the well-being of people, economic growth is a phenomenon of market productivity …



ADB: Asian Development Bank · 22 August 2024 English

The project will be aligned with the following impact: social welfare system strengthened to build resilience and promote human and social development. The outcome will be: health, resilience, and socioeconomic …

equity investments to promote social and economic development. Headquarters 6 ADB Avenue, Mandaluyong

MP-IDSA: Manohar Parrikar Institute for Defence Studies and Analyses · 18 July 2024 English

The evolving economic relationship between India and Bangladesh lays a robust foundation for sub-regional integration in the eastern subcontinent and further afield, including the Bay of Bengal and the eastern …

to explore and invest in each other's key economic development areas.7 A MoU on Maritime Cooperation and

4 Day Week Global · 17 July 2024 English

This report describes and evaluates the four-day week pilot project in Portugal. The report is divided into four parts, detailing the project's origin, implementation, and effects on companies and workers. …

alongside social, political, technological and economic development. The transition from a six-day to a five-day

NIPoRe: Nepal Institute for Policy Research · 15 July 2024 English

In the meantime, the Taliban participated in the third UN-led Doha meeting on Afghanistan for the first time. [...] On the other hand, China attended the UN-led conference on Afghanistan …

announcement of the 13th five-year plan focusing on economic development, social progress, enhanced security, and

NIPoRe: Nepal Institute for Policy Research · 14 July 2024 English

The country experienced the driest summer since 1981, with the heatwaves covering 80 percent of the country, leading to health emergencies, school closures, and the government considering the heatwaves a …

northern border districts, executing social and economic development projects. Pakistan The new government in as cricket powerhouses and foster socio-economic development. Thus, countries must capitalize on these

ISIS Malaysia: Institute of Strategic and International Studies Malaysia · 12 July 2024 English

The concurrent sessions touched on the growing discourse shaping the Global South and evolution of its multilateral mechanisms; importance of reframing the global climate discourse to take into account the …

emerging and new challenges, such as promoting economic development, dealing with inequality, addressing climate global economic recovery. How does China’s economic development look like in the future? My answer is, China’s

PNG NRI: PNG National Research Institute · 11 July 2024 English

It freely around the community, leading to an overwhelming identifies vulnerabilities associated with mass unemployment sense of fear and insecurity in the streets of Port Moresby and and proposes strategies …

opportunities imply that individuals have economic development. incentives and money to spend on their productivity declines, and overall socio-economic development suffers. Chand, S. (2017). Transition to

World Bank Group · 10 July 2024

is highly vulnerable to the impacts of climate change due to its geographic location, low economic development, and limited resources. The country’s geographical location - characterized by its presence

FPRI: Foreign Policy Research Institute · 10 July 2024

for democracy are dim in the short and medium term, the focus must be on the long game, with economic development as a priority to lift the overwhelmingly young population out of poverty. US policy towards

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