Ecumenical Movement

Ecumenism (), also spelled as oecumenism or œcumenism, is the concept and principle in which Christians belonging to different Christian denominations work together to develop closer relationships among their churches and promote Christian unity. The adjective ecumenical is thus applied to any interdenominational initiative that encourages greater cooperation between Christians and their churches. The fact that all Christians belonging to mainstream Christian denominations profess faith in Jesus and receive baptism according to the Trinitarian formula is seen as being a basis for ecumenism and its goal of Christian unity. Ecumenists cite John 17:20–23 as the Biblical grounds of striving for …



OHCHR: Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights · 27 March 2023 English

The 15 September 2022 International Roundtable 9 The Dark Chapters of the Romani Past and Memorialization 10 The Present and the Past: human rights situation of Roma and related groups …

many organized expressions of the modern ecumenical movement, whose goal is Christian unity. The WCC brings

IAI: Istituto Affari Internazionali · 4 November 2021 English

16 According to a leaked report, in the NSC consideration of 17 the now famous Presidential Review Memorandum 10, one of the 18 options proposed in the event of a …

national concern. In the context of the ecumenical movement, in the Netherlands Council of Churches and from the ecumenical organisations - the ecumenical movement .at least. initiates items for the agenda with the government and the peopple, in the ecumenical movement and with the sisterchurches - that all the Roman Catholic bishops and the international ecumenical movement. This choice implies that we, though maintaining

SAIIA: South African Institute of International Affairs · 13 October 2021 English

In addition, a raft of concerns exist about the conduct of Zimbabwean politics and the adherence of the state and some other actors to the demands of the Constitution. [...] …

Constitution: Reactions and Reflections from the Ecumenical Movement in Zimbabwe,’ Journal of Interdisciplinary

The Centre for East European and International Studies · 15 March 2021 English

The report explores the documents of the All-Ukrainian Council of Churches and Religious Organi- sations (AUCCRO), the Ukrainian Orthodox Church (UOC), and the Orthodox Church of Ukraine (OCU). [...] The …

carried out by the strongest critics of the ecumenical movement.36 Both conservative evangelical groups and

Christian Aid · 12 October 2020 English

Our staff and partners had to adapt quickly to with faith leaders and other lockdown and change their ways of working to ensure the partners to raise awareness of the …

inequality and injustice. We supported the ecumenical movement and the role of the church as a progressive

Cicero Foundation · 4 May 2020 English

The League is now a classic far right party fighting immigration, the ‘cultural hegemony’ of the Left, and the economic ‘dictatorship’ of the European institutions, while claiming to defend the …

“This question doesn’t concern me, M5S is an ecumenical movement.” In 2013, M5S deputy Roberta Lombardi argued

ICNC: International Center on Nonviolent Conflict · 19 September 2019 English

Taking account of nonviolent movements and their impact on the formation and implementation of international human rights law recognizes the human agency of the supposed benefi ciaries of human rights …

Center for Legal and Social Studies, the Ecumenical Movement for Human Rights, and the Peace and Justice

ICNC: International Center on Nonviolent Conflict · 8 July 2019 English

This monograph develops a novel, people-powered or “demos-centric” approach to international human rights law that acknowledges the role in lawmaking of average human beings, seeing them as both the source …

Center for Legal and Social Studies, the Ecumenical Movement for Human Rights, and the Peace and Justice

JLI: Joint Learning Initiative on Faith & Local Communities · 4 June 2019 English

Faith actors involvement in the prevention, elimination and perpetuation of violence against children

seeking to mobilise an interreligious and ecumenical movement to end corporal punishment. Documents produced

ELIAMEP: Hellenic Foundation For European and Foreign Policy · 4 March 2019 English

Mohammed Bagheri which started a year ago at the Department of Law, and the first (Iran, member of the scientific board of the Institute for the Italian Project devoted to …

of influence – a different aspect of the ecumenical movement, differing from for art of every kind. People be left unnoticed compose the base of the ecumenical movement found their in standard scientific approaches Muslims rank – a different aspect of the ecumenical movement, differing from as the second largest religious recently started to compose the base of the ecumenical movement found their do so and other States such as the official – a different aspect of the ecumenical movement, differing from recognition of martyrdom

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