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Educational television or learning television is the use of television programs in the field of distance education. It may be in the form of individual television programs or dedicated specialty channels that is often associated with cable television in the United States as Public, educational, and government access (PEG) channel providers. There is More... There are also adult education programs for an older audience; many of these are instructional television or "telecourse" services that can be taken for college credit. Examples of these include Open University programs on BBC television in the UK. Many children's television series are educational, ranging …



Southern Voice · 19 September 2023 English

iv The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on educational Occasional Paper Series 85 inequalities in Tanzania Abstract This study examines the impact of COVID-19 on educational inequalities in primary schools …

chores impeded his daughter's access to educational television and radio programs, indicating a gender

World Bank Group · 27 April 2023 English

Ratings for the COVID-19 Education Sector Response Project for Nicaragua were as follows: outcome was highly satisfactory, Bank performance was satisfactory, and monitoring and evaluation (M and E) quality was …

also promoting remote learning through educational television and the use of communication platforms

UN: The United Nations · 20 April 2023 English

9 p.

Training launched the country’s first educational television channel, “TeleSchool,” with the collaboration

RISE: Research on Improving Systems of Education · 23 March 2023 English

The telephone interviews with school determinants of learning disparities that may principals and parents were conducted between July and emerge as result of the school closures that September of 2020. …

educational website or app 28.4 Text messages 6.7 Educational television 14.2 Other 10.4 Source: Specific actions

UNDP: United Nations Development Programme · 26 February 2023 English

The Asia-Pacific region is fast growing and fast adapting. The nexus of geopolitical, economic, natural, and biological risks has heightened uncertainty across the region. Their intersection with ongoing global volatility, …

Asia-Pacific; for example, in Bangladesh, educational television lessons were broadcast daily and in Fiji

AEI: American Enterprise Institute for Public Policy Research · 31 January 2023 English

The Public Broadcasting Act was last amended more than 30 years ago and must be updated to meet today’s challenges. Congress should emphasize a role for public broadcasters in local …

mid-1960s, when the Carnegie Commission on Educational Television enrolled a panel to draft an action plan the new PBS to pre- existing nonprofit “educational” television and radio broadcast license holders (also enterprises,” and by the end of 1965, some 100 educational television stations were on the air.3 Funds were com/speeches/newtonminow.htm. 3. Warren G. Magnuson, “Educational Television Progress Report,” Current, October 22, 1965, educational-television-progress-report-sen-warren-magnuson-1965.

IPA: Innovation for Poverty Action · 2023 English

e-learning portal The establishment of a new educational television channel that televises early childhood

IPA: Innovation for Poverty Action · 2023 English

studying with the help of household members, educational television, books in the household, or the internet

ARI: Arab Reform Initiative · 2023 English

Development. Most notable among these are educational television for all and distance education through mechanism that guarantees the quality of educational television in terms of teachers’ competence and approved

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