Equal Pay

Equal pay for equal work is the concept of labour rights that individuals in the same workplace be given equal pay. It is most commonly used in the context of sexual discrimination, in relation to the gender pay gap. Equal pay relates to the full range of payments and benefits, including basic pay, non-salary payments, bonuses and allowances. Some countries have moved faster than others in addressing equal pay.

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13 May 2022 English


Corporation’s (IFC) Enterprise Finance Gap ensuring equal pay and benefits for Assessment Database, East Asia

Center for Biological Diversity · 11 May 2022 English

These plans include a range of climate change mitigation (actions to reduce greenhouse gas emissions to slow the amount and speed of climate change) and adaptation (actions to try to …

leadership positions, access to healthcare and equal pay. GAPs build on a country’s national development

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The leadership and guidance of the The Law on Promotion of Gender Equality Mongolian Sustainable Finance Association (LPGE), which promotes gender equality and (MSFA) and its affiliate financial institutions sets …

that Norfund has gender-neutral recruitment, equal pay and improves the walk gender balance in external

OCUFA · 29 April 2022 English

ONDP answers – to OCUFA Provincial Party Platform Survey What is your party’s vision for post-pandemic recovery in Ontario and what supports will you be providing to universities as engines …

implement and fund new labour laws, including equal pay for work of equivalent value provisions for university

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We respectfully acknowledge that this report was prepared on the traditional lands of the Mississaugas of the Credit and Anishnabeg, the Chippewa, the Haudenosaunee, and the Wendat peoples and is …

Decent Wages 9 Decent Hours 13 Paid Sick Days 18 Equal Pay for Equal Work 22 Laws that Protect Us All 30 those inequalities. government also repealed equal pay for equal Members discussed the problems they emergency leave days. public health outbreaks. Equal Pay for Equal Work I worked as a PSW in a nursing Frontlines: An urgent agenda for decent work 19 Equal Pay For Work is increasingly being done outside standard hourly wages, sick pay, and pensions. Ontario had equal pay for equal work legislation from April 1, 2018

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2007 January - ASEAN Declaration on the Protection and Promotion of the Rights of Migrant Workers, 12th ASEAN Summit, January 2007 at Cebu, Philippines tasks the relevant ASEAN bodies with …

migrant’s legal status. • The human right to equal pay for equal work. • The human right to freedom from

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Similarly, the government has failed to ensure that funding for the Bilingual Grant and the Special Purpose Funding envelope keep up with the growing student body and the needs of …

implement and fund new labour laws, including equal pay for work of equivalent value provisions for university implement and fund new labour laws, including equal pay for work of equivalent value provisions for university

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The company acknowledges the material importance of diverse and equitable workforce to long-term shareholder value and has identified gender inequality as a key UN sustainable development goal it wishes to …

mean/median wage gaps to demonstrate the achievement equal pay within classifications. As the US investor group

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of 3 months of work in the absence of proof to the contrary; and Compensation and certain procedural rights in the event of termination of the employment relationship, dependent on …

subject to the (3) Member States shall ensure equal pay between men and women. The European Union law employment and occupational matters, including equal pay (Article 157). Nonetheless, third-country nationals work, to protection against unemployment, to equal pay for equal work, to just recurrent training; and discrimination in dismissals on the basis of equal pay for work of equal value and (ii) a decent living

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Depending on location, the living wage dips to a learning centers play in our communities, allowing parents minimum of $29.81 an hour and rises to a high of $65.45 and …

especially that truly works for everyone includes equal pay in living high in areas such as the Southern Black living wage, supplementing income, and ensuring equal pay for equal work through policies such as paid family countyhealthrankings.org | 6 Unfair Obstacles Persist for Equal Pay Stable, living-wage jobs and fair pay are essential every dollar men earn, nearly 60 years after the Equal Pay Act was passed to ban wage discrimination based men’s median earnings workforce and economy. Equal pay can be part of a recovery that begins to reverse

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