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Family medicine (FM), formerly family practice (FP), is a medical specialty devoted to comprehensive health care for people of all ages. The specialist is named a family physician or family doctor. In Europe, the discipline is often referred to as general practice and a practitioner as a general practice doctor or GP. This name emphasizes the holistic nature of this speciality, as well as its roots in the family. Family practice is a division of primary care that provides continuing and comprehensive health care for the individual and family across all ages, genders, diseases, and parts of the body. Family …



UNICEF: United Nations Children's Fund · 6 June 2024 English

Addressing nutrition deprivation in early childhood.

18.2 per cent from the 2019–2021 National Family Health Survey–5 (NFHS-5), which is used as the basis

World Bank Group · 5 June 2024 English

assorted ele ctrical appliances for use by t he Family Health Division of t he Ministry of Health to estab

ADB: Asian Development Bank · 5 June 2024 English

The mental health tolls of the COVID-19 pandemic have manifested for many people as increased feelings of isolation, anxiety, depression, and insomnia.

Population Sciences (IIPS) and ICF. 2017. National Family Health Survey (NFHS-4), 2015–16: India. Mumbai: IIPS

World Bank Group · 4 June 2024 English

Health care systems must be prepared to address the expanding and complex needs of an aging population. Rather than a “silver challenge,” this situation should be seen as an opportunity …

confidence interval EU European Union FHC family health center FIRE financing, innovation, regulation of facilities provide primary health care: family health centers and soum (administrative subdivision)

3 June 2024 English

Australia needs to spend more on defence—and it needs to do so immediately. The strategic imperative has been firmly established in the government’s own major defence documents. The Albanese government …

access to professional development, expanded family health benefits and the introduction of an ADF Continuation

WHO: World Health Organization · 1 June 2024 English

This publication was developed by the United Nations Children’s Fund (‎UNICEF)‎ Regional Officefor Europe and Central Asia and the World Health Organization (‎WHO)‎ Regional Office for Europe. It aims to …

services that will support the child and the family. Health care providers do not use these tools with information that needs to be shared with the family. Health care providers should always begin by emphasizing

World Bank Group · 30 May 2024 English

Botswana has sprinted to become an upper-middle income (UMIC) economy largely thanks to strong institutions and mineral resource revenue. Living conditions have steadily improved since independence as the wealth from …

outcomes. 2 Statistics Botswana, 2009. Botswana Family Health Survey 2007-2008 3 UNPFA ESARO, 2023. Maternal 74 71 Statistics Botswana, 2009. Botswana Family Health Survey 2007-2008 72 Statistics Botswana, 2021

World Bank Group · 29 May 2024 English

Ratings for the Transforming Health Systems for Universal Care Project for Kenya were as follows: outcomes were satisfactory, the Bank performance was satisfactory, and the monitoring and evaluation quality was …

towards certification; (ii) the Division of Family Health (DFH) to develop and/or disseminate RMNCAH-related

World Bank Group · 27 May 2024 English

up-to -date, reliable GBV data is lacking, a Family Health and Safety Survey conducted in 20149 revealed

UN: The United Nations · 27 May 2024 English

10 p.

and nutrition. According to the 2021 Egyptian family health survey, the child obesity rate had fallen by

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