Freedom of Movement

Freedom of movement, mobility rights, or the right to travel is a human rights concept encompassing the right of individuals to travel from place to place within the territory of a country, and to leave the country and return to it. The right includes not only visiting places, but changing the place where the individual resides or works.Such a right is provided in the constitutions of numerous states, and in documents reflecting norms of international law. For example, Article 13 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights asserts that: "Everyone has the right to freedom of movement and residence within …



Individual Contributors to Policy Commons · 24 November 2023 English

The staggering success of Brexit in transforming Britain’s economic prospects has been such that in his Autumn Statement speech the Chancellor mentioned it, well, just once, and that to refer …

are far greater than was the case under freedom of movement of people within the EU. Moreover, sectors

Amnesty International · 23 November 2023

Mozambican police used excessive and lethal force against peaceful protesters and bystanders, including firing live ammunition and teargas, following disputed local elections in October, said Amnesty International.

EPRS: European Parliamentary Research Service · 21 November 2023 English

employment, timely asylum procedures, and freedom of movement. States can choose what forms and kinds  Member States may restrict applicants' freedom of movement within their territory, assign them a specific

European Movement United Kingdom · 16 November 2023 English

Brexit isn’t working for UK businesses. The European Movement’s comprehensive new survey of UK businesses exposes how difficult UK-EU trade has become for British businesses, causing huge damage across multiple …

EU-based workers still benefiting from Freedom of Movement. 3. Labour shortages don’t affect every an issue with staffing since the loss of Freedom of Movement. Just over a quarter of respondents commented

UN-Habitat: UN Human Settlements Programme · 16 November 2023 English

Statement by Principals of the Inter-Agency Standing Committee Humanitarian chiefs will not take part in unilateral proposals to create “safe zones” in Gaza 16 November 2023 NEW YORK/GENEVA/ROME, 16 November …

Humanitarian relief personnel must be ensured the freedom of movement essential to carry out their functions subject

Amnesty International · 16 November 2023 English

A year after Qatar hosted the FIFA World Cup 2022, this briefing looks at the legacy the tournament has left for the rights of migrant workers in the country, and …

tight restrictions on migrant workers’ freedom of movement, prohibiting them from leaving the country and major barriers continue to hinder the freedom of movement of migrant workers.26 According to data This provision breaches their right to freedom of movement and provides time in which abusive employers

Amnesty International · 15 November 2023 English

Despite Nigeria’s ratification of human rights treaties and commitments at international and regional level and accompanying obligations to respect, protect, promote and fulfil human rights, the country continues to face …

press, peaceful assembly and association, freedom of movement, etc. Under section 46 of the Constitution

Amnesty International · 15 November 2023 English

On 3 October 2023, the Pakistani government announced its decision to deport unregistered Afghan refugees back to danger in Afghanistan by 1 November, in brazen breach of its international obligations. …

including their rights to education, work, and freedom of movement. For most Afghan women and girls, their

EPRS: European Parliamentary Research Service · 14 November 2023 English

rights such as freedom of association, freedom of movement, and the right to education are also respected expression, freedom of association, the freedom of movement and the right to education, among other foreign researchers could help increase freedom of movement and exchanges between higher education and

ECIPE: European Centre for International Political Economy · 13 November 2023

At the same time, the global interconnectedness of the semiconductor industry makes it challenging for any single country, including China and the US, to dominate the industry, thereby mitigating the …

creating … a system for the program to enable freedom of movement of [global spare pool] items to support the

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