A gazetteer is a geographical dictionary or directory used in conjunction with a map or atlas. It typically contains information concerning the geographical makeup, social statistics and physical features of a country, region, or continent. Content of a gazetteer can include a subject's location, dimensions of peaks and waterways, population, gross domestic product and literacy rate. This information is generally divided into topics with entries listed in alphabetical order. Ancient Greek gazetteers are known to have existed since the Hellenistic era. The first known Chinese gazetteer was released by the first century, and with the age of print media in …



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We study the role of marriage for women's intergenerational mobility during the Ming-Qing (1368-1911) period. Using status information based on the timing of marriage from family histories in Central China, …

at the regional level are typically based on gazetteers ( local histories about a certain place).25 Telford reports that during the Qing 25Three county-level gazetteers about Tongcheng cover the period under analysis;

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• Four sources of population data look at a closer level than the oblast level, including the Updates to the numbers in the datasets render the report’s numbers outdated. [...] …


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1819 954.96 HAM 25669 Account of the Kingdom of Nepal: and of Hamilton, Francis Longman, Hurst the territories annexd to this dominion the house of Gorkha 1811 915.496 KIR 23785 …

University Press 1947 915.414003 7775 Bengal district gazetteers: Darjeeling Dash, Arthur Jules Bengal https://archive

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On the other effects of the encroachment of the glob- hand, indigenous peoples' mobilization and the growing al market, accelerating deforestation, international acceptance of the justice and prudence of land …

Report Muhammad, I. (ed.), Bangladesh District Gazetteers: The Regarding the Establishment of the Foundation

UN: The United Nations · 14 April 2023 Spanish

13 p.

web application: a tool for harvesting digital gazetteers (GEGN.2/2023/76/CRP.76) 8. Geographical names

UN: The United Nations · 14 April 2023 English

5 p. : chiefly tables

Web Application: A tool for harvesting digital gazetteers 4. Reports (continued) (a) Governments

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Geographical names can be used for mapping, gazetteers, and various services. Geographical names are

UN: The United Nations · 14 February 2023 English

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data files and on the publication of relevant gazetteers. * GEGN.2/2023/1. ** The full report

UN: The United Nations · 13 February 2023 English

[1] p.

outputs of geographical names data files and gazetteers, as well as aspects of geographical names data

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