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Health services research (HSR) became a burgeoning field in North America in the 1960s, when scientific information and policy deliberation began to coalesce. Also known as health systems research or health policy and systems research (HPSR), is a multidisciplinary scientific field that examines how people get access to health care practitioners and health care services, how much care costs, and what happens to patients as a result of this care. Health Services Research utilizes all qualitative and quantitative methods across the board to ask questions of the healthcare system. It focuses on performance, quality, effectiveness and efficiency of health care …



NBER: National Bureau of Economic Research · 16 November 2023 English

Opioid overdose deaths in older adults have increased substantially over the past two decades. This increase has occurred despite the availability of effective treatments. Methadone, one of just three medications …

medications in Medicare Part D (2010−2015). Health Services Research 54(2), 390–398. Acevedo, A., W. Feng, insurance coverage. The Journal of Behavioral Health Services & Research 44, 63–74. Ali, S., B. Tahir, S. Jabeen

RAND Corporation · 16 November 2023 English

To support the Military Health System in its mission to provide high-quality behavioral health (BH) care to service members, the authors highlight four potential priority areas for improvement: increasing access …

Confronting Racism and Constructing Solutions,” Health Services Research, Vol. 54, No. 2, 2019. Alegría, Margarita

France Strategie · 13 November 2023 French

L’objectif central de la régulation du système de santé est la sécurisation de l’allocation socialement optimale de biens et de services de santé, ce qui fonde l’intervention de l’Etat dans …

tegrated  Measurement Framework’. BMC Health Services Research 20  (1): 23.‐019‐ mpirical Test of Alternative Models’. Health Services Research 30 (3): 437–65.  33 Horwitz, Jill R., and Austin Nichols

NBER: National Bureau of Economic Research · 9 November 2023 English

Difference-in-Difference (DID) estimators are a valuable method for identifying causal effects in the public health researcher’s toolkit. A growing methods literature points out potential problems with DID estimators when treatment …

applications in public health research and health services research are quite common. See for example, Gupta

Laidlaw Foundation · 8 November 2023 English

The State of Black and Indigenous Youth - Mock The State of Black and Indigenous Youth in Ontario An Examination of the Experiences and Impacts of Policing on Black, Indigenous …

in school and with employment, and in health services, research found that for racialized accessing healthcare

NWLC: National Women's Law Center · 7 November 2023 English

This proposed rule has the potential to improve the quality of care for millions of union retirees who are or will need care in such facilities; it has the potential …

Nursing Home Staffing To Quality Of Care? Health Services Research, 39 (2), 225–250. Available at https://pubmed

FGV: Fundação Getulio Vargas · 7 November 2023 Portuguese

Objetivamente, após a fase de diagnóstico de mercado, os patrocinadores investiram em desenvolvimento de integrações de dados, de seus sistemas (equipamentos de laboratório, integração de dados de microbiologia, entre outros) …

human resource crisis in healthcare? BMC Health Services Research, v. 18, n. 1, p. 1-4, 2018. MORALES, Hugo

The King's Fund · 6 November 2023 English

Read our report to see how an inclusive approach to NHS waiting lists has been used to reduce the backlog and health inequalities after the Covid-19 pandemic.

initiative: a matter of communication’. BMC Health Services Research, vol 10, no 228. Available at: https://bmchealthservres Service in 1991 and 2001’. Journal of Health Services Research & Policy, vol 12, suppl 1, pp S1-10–17 The case of the English NHS’. Journal of Health Services Research & Policy, vol 11, no 3, pp 162–6. Doshmangir reflections from NZ clinicians’. Journal of Health Services Research & Policy, vol 9, suppl 2, pp 41–7. Morris

Urban Institute · 6 November 2023 English

Given their military service on behalf of our country, assuring access to health insurance coverage for veterans is a priority. Yet, prior research has found that uninsurance among veterans remains …

Women Veterans’ Experience with VA Care.” Health Services Research 54 (4): 816–826.

DeZIM: Deutsche Zentrum für Integration und Migrationsforschung · 6 November 2023 German

Welche Diskriminierungs- und/oder Rassismuserfahrungen machen Menschen in Deutschland im Allgemeinen und im Speziellen im Bereich Gesundheit?

patients’ access to pediatric care. In: Health Services Research 54 (1), S. 234–242. DOI: 10.1111/1475-6773

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