Jamaica ( (listen)) is an island country situated in the Caribbean Sea. Spanning 10,990 square kilometres (4,240 sq mi) in area, it is the third-largest island of the Greater Antilles and the Caribbean (after Cuba and Hispaniola). Jamaica lies about 145 kilometres (90 mi) south of Cuba, and 191 kilometres (119 mi) west of Hispaniola (the island containing the countries of Haiti and the Dominican Republic); the British Overseas Territory of the Cayman Islands lies some 215 kilometres (134 mi) to the north-west. Originally inhabited by the indigenous Arawak and Taíno peoples, the island came under Spanish rule following the …



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As set out in the Roadmap, the FSB has taken stock of existing national and regional data frameworks relevant to the functioning, regulation and supervision of cross-border payment arrangements, and …

data. • EU: Instances of payments from Uganda/Jamaica being rejected because of EU funds transfer regulation

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Financial inclusion is a key policy objective that central banks, especially those in emerging and low-income countries, are considering for retail central bank digital currency (CBDC). If properly designed to …

can also boost merchant adoption.26 The Bank of Jamaica launched the Small/Micro Merchant Incentive Program (Ministry of Finance and the Public Service of Jamaica 2023, 57). CBDC could involve automated tax payments adults in Argentina, Bolivia, Bulgaria, Colombia, Jamaica, and Russia, among others (Demirgüç-Kunt and others Ministry of Finance and the Public Service of Jamaica. 2023. “Opening Budget Presentation.” March 7,

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This chapter provides an account of the major family transformations that occurred in recent decades across Latin American and Caribbean countries and examines the implications of such transformations for childrens …

woman threshold (e.g., Chile, Costa Rica, Cuba, Jamaica, Puerto Rico, Uruguay), and future prospects anticipate 9 5,8 4,1 3,1 Honduras 5,9 6,6 6,8 4,9 3,3 2,7 Jamaica 5,8 4,3 2,6 2,7 2,4 1,6 Mexico 4,1 2,9 2,3 2,1

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over the medium and long terms to carry out essential public health functions in Barbados, Grenada, Jamaica, and Trinidad and Tobago. The study also highlights the close, synergistic relationship between the

Expenditure (GGHE-D) as a % of GDP Barbados, Grenada, Jamaica and Trinidad and Tobago 2015-2019 . . . . . Services in US$, (i) Barbados, (ii) Grenada, (iii) Jamaica, and (iv) Trinidad and Tobago . . . . . . . . Services (in US$), (i) Barbados, (ii) Grenada, (iii) Jamaica, (iv) Trinidad and Tobago. . . .52 Figure 6.3. Functions (in US$), (i) Barbados, (ii) Grenada, (iii) Jamaica, (iv) Trinidad and Tobago . . . . . . . . . . EPHS (in US$), (i) Barbados, (ii) Grenada, (iii) Jamaica, (iv) Trinidad and Tobago. . . . . . . . . . .

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This report presents the latest analysis of data available on SDG 16 indicators. The data reflects that human rights commitments are not being met, violence is increasing, inequality continues to …

Ukraine Mozambique Philippines Colombia Ecuador Jamaica Zimbabwe Timor-Leste Zambia Nepal Comoros Sierra Wales) Cabo Verde Thailand Israel Switzerland Jamaica Canada Chile Italy Argentina Sweden France State Cabo Verde Chile France Germany Iceland Israel Jamaica Mexico New Zealand Paraguay Poland Saudi Arabia

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Latin America will have suffered another lost decade in the 2013-2025 period due to the negative terms of trade shock, the COVID-19 shock, the unraveling of macroeconomic disequilibria in some …

(2018-20: -12.6%) 3 Afghanistan (2013-21: -10.4%) 24 Jamaica (2019-20: -10.0%) 45 Phillipines (2019-20: -10

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3 Related literature • Papers on the structural determinants of carbon pricing in general (Carraro and Favero, 2009; Faure, 2020) • Literature on the effects of energy subsidies on effective …

Slovenia Ireland Italy Netherlands Austria Spain Jamaica Israel Germany Uruguay Slovak Rep. Finland Latvia

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Varios indicadores económicos y sociales muestran que Paraguay tiene un importante potencial de desarrollo para dar un salto hacia el futuro. En las últimas dos décadas, el PIB real creció …

México El Salvador Haití Trinidad y Tobago Bahamas Jamaica Barbados Venezuela ALC Capítulo I Desempeño socioeconómico

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MSMEs (P152307) LATIN AMERICA AND CARIBBEAN | Jamaica | Finance, Competitiveness and Innovation Global and the Public Service, The Development Bank of Jamaica Key Dates Key Project Dates Bank Approval Date:

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Los países de América Latina y el Caribe reportan tasas muy altas de crecimiento del número de hogares con acceso a fibra, lo cual levanta cuestiones importantes sobre la infraestructura …

regional del 59% en Barbados, Brasil, Chile, Jamaica, Trini- dad y Tobago y Uruguay. En tanto, la pene- líde- res en el Cono Sur, mientras que Barbados, Jamaica y Trinidad y Tobago se destacan en el Caribe (Gráfico

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