Laser Physics

Laser science or laser physics is a branch of optics that describes the theory and practice of lasers.Laser science is principally concerned with quantum electronics, laser construction, optical cavity design, the physics of producing a population inversion in laser media, and the temporal evolution of the light field in the laser. It is also concerned with the physics of laser beam propagation, particularly the physics of Gaussian beams, with laser applications, and with associated fields such as nonlinear optics and quantum optics.



ERC: European Research Council · 6 December 2023 English

The project pioneered a new way of looking at biodiversity change in rivers of Trinidad, the Mamirauá Reserve in the Brazilian Amazon and the seas of Scotland. [...] Projects that …

insect pollinators and alien species: Using laser physics, the Bug-Flash project works towards improving

INREA: National Institute for research in technical sciences for the environment and agriculture · 30 October 2023

+nonlinear -correlation 4274 imaging (2117) +image +laser -physics -quantum 3816 carbon (2430) 3817 oxygen (5897)

Bellona: Bellona Foundation · 11 October 2023 English

Minatom (the Atomic Ministry), the successor to the gigantic and influential Minsredmash (the Ministry of Medium Machinery) of the USSR, was reduced to the status of a federal agency after …

institutes: theoretical and mathematical physics, laser physics studies, experimental gas dynamics and explosion

ECCP: European Cluster Collaboration Platform · 10 October 2023 English

EVENT INFORMATION The event will occur at the Institute of Physics of the Czech Academy of Sciences on the 23rd and 24th of October 2023. [...] VENUE INFORMATION When and …

solid-state physics, optics, plasma physics and laser physics. The inspirational environment at FZU provides

ERC: European Research Council · 5 June 2023 English

Panel structure 2024 calls Physical Sciences and Engineering PE1 Mathematics All areas of mathematics, pure and applied, plus mathematical foundations of computer science, mathematical physics and statistics PE1_1 Logic and …

information PE2_14 Lasers, ultra-short lasers and laser physics PE2_15 Thermodynamics PE2_16 Non-linear physics

World Bank Group · 11 March 2023 English

REP-2/10 dd. 15.11.2022 Tashkent region Optics, laser physics 5 182 REP-2/11 dd. 15.11.2022 Tashkent city

APS: American Physical Society · 2023 English

subfield (astrophysics, molecu- lar physics, or laser physics). Unless specified otherwise, the conversion

Bellona: Bellona Foundation · 2023 English

whose research and development in the field of laser physics is directly financed with funds from the Russian

Bellona: Bellona Foundation · 2023 English

conducts research and development in the field of laser physics that is directly funded from Russia’s state

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