Latin American Studies

Latin American studies (LAS) is an academic and research field associated with the study of Latin America. The interdisciplinary study is a subfield of area studies, and can be composed of numerous disciplines such as economics, sociology, history, international relations, political science, geography, gender studies, and literature.



Jamestown Foundation · 21 November 2023 English

The opportunity is that the balance of power or center of gravity in global affairs is shifting from the Atlantic to the Pacific as the world becomes more multipolar (Xinhua, …

October 17). Zhou Zhiwei (周志伟), an expert on Latin American studies at the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences

ICNC: International Center on Nonviolent Conflict · 18 November 2023 French

Le présent ouvrage utilise de Ces régimes autoritaires ont en manière interchangeable les termes commun de contrôler les leviers de mouvement de résistance civile pouvoir de la société, entraînant la …

Latin America “, Middle Atlantic Review of Latin American Studies 2, no 1 (juin 2018) : 130-144. 80 Pugh

Urban Institute · 31 October 2023 English

In 2021, 11th Street Bridge Park (Bridge Park) in Washington, DC, received a three-year, $1.5 million grant from the JPB Foundation to establish a “five-city pilot” to expand its highly …

economics and Spanish with a concentration in Latin American studies. Acknowledgments This brief was funded

IADB: Inter-American Development Bank · 27 October 2023 English

Predominant views on the political economy of Latin America and the Caribbean tend to emphasize that elite domination helps to understand the high levels of inequality. The contemporary fiscal version …

Development Bank and David Rockefeller Center for Latin American Studies, Harvard University. International Monetary

GI-TOC: Global Initiative Against Transnational Organized Crime · 12 October 2023 English

Later, Kazakh-based drug trafficking organizations were able to obtain the tools for the domestic manufacture of the substances by ordering the precursor chemicals from China and Russia via the dark …

she has been teaching graduate courses on Latin American studies at Florida International University. She

ILO: International Labour Organisation · 11 October 2023 English


International Economics with a minor in Latin American Studies from the Johns Hopkins University School

BCCAT: BC Council on Admissions and Transfer · 10 October 2023 English

How to Articulate in the BC Transfer System

transfer to SFU as three unassigned first-year Latin American Studies credits. However, credit for the transferred toward completion of SFU’s major or minor in Latin American Studies. In some cases, this decision may be motivated

RIS: Research and Information System for Developing Countries · 29 September 2023 English

Genesis The aims of the G20 University Connect Programme were: To connect eminent experts to the students on various facets of G20 besides the faculty members of the universities/institutions. [...] …

Centre for Canadian, United States and Latin American Studies at the School of International Studies

EPRS: European Parliamentary Research Service · 26 September 2023 English

Sovereign debt has been a longstanding challenge for Argentina's governments. As recently as 2022, Argentinian President Alberto Fernandez secured an outline deal with the IMF to restructure US$44.5 billion of …

The Persistence of Peronism, Center for Latin American Studies, UC Berkeley, 2007. 4 Since export taxes

COSSA: Consortium of Social Science Associations · 11 September 2023 English

Department of Education’s International Education and Foreign Language Studies account in the Labor, HHS, Education and Related Agencies Appropriations Bill approved by the Subcommittee before the recess. [...] The economic …

Joint National Committee for Languages Latin American Studies Association Middle East Studies Association

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