Lebanon ( (listen); Arabic: لبنان‎, romanized: Lubnān, Lebanese Arabic pronunciation: [lɪbˈneːn]), officially known as the Lebanese Republic (Arabic: الجمهورية اللبنانية‎, romanized: al-Jumhūrīyah al-Lubnānīyah, Lebanese Arabic pronunciation: [lˈʒʊmhuːrijje lˈlɪbneːnijje]), is a country in the Levant region of Western Asia, and the transcontinental region of the Middle East. It is bordered by Syria to the north and east and Israel to the south, while Cyprus lies west across the Mediterranean Sea. Lebanon's location at the crossroads of the Mediterranean Basin and the Arabian hinterland has contributed to its rich history and shaped a cultural identity of religious and ethnic diversity. At just …



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Progress and the Peril: HIV and Global De/criminalization of Same-Sex Sex documents the reversal on laws criminalizing same-sex sex in the context of the HIV pandemic. The joint report by …

Jamaica Kenya Kiribati Korea (Republic of) Lebanon Liberia Namibia Oman Qatar Saint Lucia Saint

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This energy governance policy paper serves as a strategic framework for UNDP teams and their partners to craft cohesive and impactful responses to foster a just energy transition. It intends …

methodology in Belarus, Cambodia, Kazakhstan, Lebanon, and Tunisia for utility-scale wind, utility-scale

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section 2 of this order on any foreign person Use of the counter-corruption and counter-crime sanctions determined by the Secretary of the Treasury, in consultation with the Secretary of State, …

Restrictive measures in view of the situation in Lebanon 2022 (CFSP 2021/1277) Restrictive measures in view Solaro/AFP via ruption can be seen in neighbouring Lebanon, where the EU’s autonomous restrictive- Getty Images of both building on conceptual framing in the Lebanon sanctions opinion and expression, regime and, more European official 4, October 2022. 194 EU Council, Lebanon: EU adopts a framework for targeted 215 Communication 14 May 2018; en/press/press-releases/2021/07/30/lebanon-eu-adopts-a- Francesco Giumelli, How EU sanctions

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UN-Habitat’s Funding Status as of 31 October 2023 Foundation non-earmarked – core funds (USD) 2023 earmarked income allocation by UN-Habitat implementing region CONTRIBUTORS IN 2023 Europe, Germany 1,076,606 0.38M, 1% …

in the Mediterranean through waste wise cities Lebanon Arab States 3,898,086.48 Block by Block Private resilience of Subnational authorities in Iraq & Lebanon Asia Pacific 95,563.00 UNDP UN Agencies UN joint

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presents the key findings from the eleven countries (Bangladesh, Chile, Costa Rica, Cuba, Ghana, Lebanon, Mexico, Nigeria, Panama, Sri Lanka, and Trinidad and Tobago) that have developed and published their

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economic participation. This report focuses on three metropolitan areas: Amman, Jordan; Beirut, Lebanon; and Cairo, Egypt. These cities were chosen for their contrasting size, context, and economic stability

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Phonics and Foreign Aid: Can America Teach the World to Read? Justin Sandefur, Thomaz Alvares de Azevedo, Xiaomin Ju, and and Thi Le Abstract Over two decades and dozens of …

levels fell by −1.2 correct words per minute in Lebanon during the period of the QITABI program (p-value 2015 - 2019 $73.1 7891 Keaveney et al. (2020) Lebanon - QITABI 1 to 4 2015/16 - 2018/19 $46.3 136 MSI x Kenya Tusome x x x x x Kyrgyzstan QRP x x x Lebanon QITABI x x x Liberia LTTP2 x x x x x Liberia READ 3 32.6 Philippines BASA Filipino 6.2 35.5 20.6 Lebanon QITABI Arabic 5.7 23.0 17.3 Note: Whenever available 1,2 2019 Oct Jan Lebanon QITABI (Cohort1) 2,3 2015 Nov Oct 2,3 2018 Apr Oct Lebanon QITABI (Cohort2)

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Globally, the biggest exporters of the EU and with regards to our main trading partners”.7 to the EU of products that will be affected by the CBAM But the findings …

10 0.03 2.50 Jordan 3.47 45.90 15.54 1,321.80 Lebanon 1.99 1.40 1.84 71.50 Note: Data is from the latest 062.50 Ukraine 39.62 5,204.30 19.94 13,137.30 Lebanon 33.45 55.30 4.25 165.30 Montenegro 24.55 8.10 6 10 20.22 104.30 Israel 32.72 81.00 0.41 247.50 Lebanon 15.20 11.40 1.93 75.20 Moldova 14.32 2.30 0.65 Neigh- bourhood (Algeria, Egypt, Israel, Jordan, Lebanon, Libya, Morocco, Pales琀椀ne, Syria, and Tunisia)

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won’t back down from the challenge of Putin and Hamas The White House, 19.11.2023, ca. [...] Preview: Volltext für SWP auf Anfrage von mir! The War in Gaza and the …

aktuelle Konfrontation Lebanon: Flash Update #1 - Escalation of hostilities in south Lebanon UN-OCHA, 18.11.2023 2023, 7 S. https://reliefweb.int/report/lebanon/lebanon-flash-update-1-escalation-hostilities-south-leba- e-likely-war- hezbollah-becomes On Hezbollah, Lebanon, and the risk of escalation Jeffrey Feltman, Kevin https://reliefweb.int/report/lebanon/lebanon-flash-update-1-escalation-hostilities-south-lebanon-18-november-2023 https://reliefweb.int/report/lebanon/lebanon-flash-update-1-escalation-hostilities-south-lebanon-18-november-2023

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