Livestock is commonly defined as domesticated animals raised in an agricultural setting to produce labor and commodities such as meat, eggs, milk, fur, leather, and wool. The term is sometimes used to refer solely to those that are bred for consumption, while other times it refers only to farmed ruminants, such as cattle, sheep and goats. Horses are considered livestock in the United States. The USDA classifies pork, veal, beef, and lamb as livestock and all livestock as red meat. Poultry and fish are not included in the category.The breeding, maintenance, and slaughter of livestock, known as animal husbandry, is …



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This costing analysis presents nutrition-specific and nutrition-sensitive cost categories, covering costing estimates for the period 2023-2030 for each of the sectors. The costing is indicative and based on estimates of …

Middle-Income Countries MALFF Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock, Fisheries and Forestry MAM Moderate Acute Malnutrition Fisheries’ (under the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock, Fisheries and Forestry (MALFF), referred to homestead food production (including small livestock) • Increase fish production and consumption STATE through increase in homestead production and livestock and fish production PUBLIC WORKS • Safe drinking Security Agriculture The Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock, Fisheries and Forestry (MALFF) identifies the

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This report outlines and compares various policy measures that Costa Rica, Gabon, Indonesia, Peru, and Rwanda have put in place to address deforestation.

the FAO, agricultural expansion—cropland and livestock grazing—drove almost 90% of global deforestation

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The Climate Module of the Public Investment Management Assessment for Kenya reveals strong performance in climate-aware planning and coordination. However, the analysis identifies challenges incorporating climate sensitivity in the project …

estimated USD2.8 billion due to loss of crops and livestock, reduced hydropower generation and water supply

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In the three years following the coup, the military PDFs, and other armed resistance groups subsequently mounted attacks on the Myanmar junta, known as the State Administrative Council (SAC), has …

confiscating and destroying food stocks, and killing livestock (OHCHR 03/03/2023). As at mid-2023, conflict-related people) were experiencing and markets, killed livestock, and limited livelihood access. Since the escalation

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Over the years, India has witnessed a concerning surge in climate-induced disasters, posing significant challenges to the country’s overall resilience. The country experiences a range of disasters, such as floods, …

affecting the livelihoods of people dependent on livestock, 1. World Economic Forum, “The Global Risks extensive damage, including ruined crops, loss of livestock, and crumbling infrastructure. Consequently guidelines for management of livestock disasters, distribution of livestock wealth in India is more egalitarian than land resource distribution; management of livestock is important from an equity perspective as well Reliance Foundation, connecting these resources to livestock farmers. He explained the challenges faced by

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Implementation agency: Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock Development Date of the Procurement Plan: February Executing Agency(ies): Ministry of Agriculture & Livestock Development WORKS Activity Reference No. / Description APTARI / Parasite and vaccin ation support to livestock pro motion programmes. TF / A8013 Climate and ORKHA / Parasite and vaccin ation support to livestock pro motion programs. TF / A8013 Climate and Nutrition HANUSHA / Parasite and vacc ination support to livestock p romotion program TF / A8013 Climate and Nutrition

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Constraints etc. Page 1 PROCUREMENT PLAN Nigeria : Livestock Productivity and Resilience Support Project General 2024-02-22 Project ID: P160865 GPN Date: Project Name: Livestock Productivity and Resilience Support Project Loan Tungan- Mallam, Lambata and Mariga Livestock Markets IDA / V2200 Livestock Value Chain Enhan cement Post Request on conduct of Needs assess ments. IDA / 70570 Livestock Value Chain Enhan cement Post Individual Consult

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