Luxembourg ( (listen) LUK-səm-burg; Luxembourgish: Lëtzebuerg [ˈlətsəbuːə̯ɕ] (listen); French: Luxembourg; German: Luxemburg), officially the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, is a landlocked country in Western Europe. It is bordered by Belgium to the west and north, Germany to the east, and France to the south. Its capital, Luxembourg City, is one of the four official capitals of the European Union (together with Brussels, Frankfurt, and Strasbourg) and the seat of the Court of Justice of the European Union, the highest judicial authority in the EU. Its culture, people, and languages are highly intertwined with its neighbours, making it a mixture of …



WHO: World Health Organization · 23 February 2024 English

This report provides an overview of Ukraine's taxation and pricing policies for alcoholic beverages between 2011 and 2021. The report also provides insights into the health consequences of alcohol consumption …

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ERIA: Economic Research Institute for ASEAN & East Asia · 23 February 2024 English

ERIA Discussion Paper 23-32 (No. 504)

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EIU: Economist Intelligence Unit · 22 February 2024 English

Two years on from Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, Russia occupies almost a fifth of Ukraine’s territory, including in Crimea, Donetsk, Luhansk, Zaporizhzhia and Kherson. Our latest report provides businesses with …

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IMF: International Monetary Fund · 22 February 2024 English

Climate change presents substantial risks for Cameroon. In addition to being the largest CEMAC economy with ample economic potential and abundant natural resources, Cameroon covers large areas of the Congo …

and Methodology, Version 2017. EUR 28655 EN. Luxembourg: Publications Office of the European Union;

EPRS: European Parliamentary Research Service · 22 February 2024 English

Women continue to be under-represented in EU countries at all levels of political decision-making as well as in political parties. The origins of this situation are complex, but one reason …

the sitting of Parliament (Section 46/G). In Luxembourg, the Rules of Procedure of the Chamber of Deputies

ÖFSE: Austrian Foundation for Development Research · 21 February 2024 English

Espe- on the Maximum Repayment Term, the Minimum Interest cially with regard to the trade rivalry between the US and Rates and the Minimum Premium Rates that are charged China, …

study #5: sustainable and assertive trade policy. Luxembourg: Publi- The United States (EXIM) cations Office

EPRS: European Parliamentary Research Service · 20 February 2024 English

In its first ten years (2014-2023), the banking union was successful in its prudential agenda but failed spectacularly in its underlying objective: establishing a single banking market in the euro …

By comparison, the smallest euro area state, Luxembourg, is 998 sq. miles; the largest one, Germany,

EPRS: European Parliamentary Research Service · 20 February 2024 English

In September 2021, the Commission launched a REFIT initiative to assess the implementation of Directive 2011/93/EU on combating the sexual abuse and sexual exploitation of children and child pornography, with …

few legal definitions in accordance with the Luxembourg Guidelines (for instance, replacing 'pornography'

SWP: Stiftung Wissenschaft und Politik · 20 February 2024

Inhaltsverzeichnis > Israel / Palästina - aktuelle Konfrontation: Stellungnahmen und Dokumente > Israel / Palästina - aktuelle Konfrontation: Berichte > Israel / Palästina - aktuelle Konfrontation: Analysen und Kommentare > …

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EIB: European Investment Bank · 19 February 2024 Finnish

ilmasto- ja ym- päristökestävyys, innovaatiot ja osaaminen, infrastruktuuri, pk-yritykset, koheesio ja kehitys. [...] EIP:n pääomamarkkina-asiantuntijat ovat perustaneet ja kehittäneet vihreiden ja kestävien joukkolainojen markkinat. [...] EIP Global toimii tehokkaassa yhteistyössä …

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