Open Market Operations

An open market operation (OMO) is an activity by a central bank to give (or take) liquidity in its currency to (or from) a bank or a group of banks. The central bank can either buy or sell government bonds in the open market (this is where the name was historically derived from) or, in what is now mostly the preferred solution, enter into a repo or secured lending transaction with a commercial bank: the central bank gives the money as a deposit for a defined period and synchronously takes an eligible asset as collateral. Central banks usually use OMO …



World Bank Group · 31 May 2024 English

This Report focuses on the opportunities for improving financing for residential energy efficiencyand for driving modernization of the existing housing stock. Greener building codes can effectively mandate energy efficiency for …

including asset-backed instruments in open- market operations. Green mortgages are not particularly

IADB: Inter-American Development Bank · 29 May 2024 English

Caribbean economies are experiencing continued growth into 2024 as the severe economic and social stress of the COVID-19 pandemic has receded. Meanwhile, global economic conditions may be diverging. For Caribbean …

the rates recorded in the central bank’s open-market operations reflect concerns over borrower repayment

IMF: International Monetary Fund · 28 May 2024 English

Strong Recovery and Challenges. Mauritius has rebounded strongly from the pandemic on the back of buoyant tourism, social housing construction, and financial services. Supportive policies facilitated the strong recovery, but …

significantly below the key policy rate, as BOM’s open market operations remunerated at 4.5 percent have been limited monetary policy framework by enabling smooth open market operations to implement its price and financial stability

EPRS: European Parliamentary Research Service · 27 May 2024 English

The European System of Central Banks (ESCB) comprises the ECB and the national central banks of all the EU Member States. The primary objective of the ESCB is to maintain …

marginal lending facility rate. a. Open market operations Open market operations play an important role in steering policy stance. The Eurosystem’s regular open market operations consist of one-week liquidity- providing additional, longer-term refinancing. Other open market operations are fine-tuning operations and structural

EPRS: European Parliamentary Research Service · 22 May 2024 English

The European Central Bank's operational framework is a set of tools it uses to control the amount of money flowing through the economy in order to keep prices stable. The …

on the detailed historic evolution);  open market operations: these operations allow the ECB to provide

IMF: International Monetary Fund · 17 May 2024 English

This paper discusses recent challenges in BCEAO monetary policy, from a recent spike in inflation, the persistent erosion of external reserves, and strains in the regional financial market. In response …

may also manage bank liquidity through open market operations. 2 The MPC currently includes: the purchases should be undertaken as plain open market operations and therefore not be so closely linked

IMF: International Monetary Fund · 17 May 2024 English

This paper examines emerging market and developing economy (EMDE) central bank interventions to maintain financial stability during the COVID-19 pandemic. Through empirical analysis and case study reviews, it identifies lessons …

Objectives Source: IMF staff. Note: OMO = open market operations; TLTRO = targeted long-term refinancing non-bank financial institution; OMOs = open market operations. IMF WORKING PAPERS EMDE Central Bank smoother in cases involving short-term open market operations and FX swaps to support money market liquidity liquidity provision through short-term open market operations or through resumed sterilization operations

EU: European Union · 14 May 2024 English

regulation amending Regulation No 1/2000 on open market operations performed by Banca Națională a României

EU: European Union · 14 May 2024 English

The Bank has access to the Eurosystem’s open market operations and standing facilities through Banque

IMF: International Monetary Fund · 13 May 2024 English

Despite headwinds from the war in Ukraine, the Maldives’ economic recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic has shown resilience. The cyclical rebound and still favorable economic outlook provide an opportunity for …

needed, in which MMA could rely on periodic open market operations (OMOs) to steer interest rate on commercial

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