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Pali () is a Middle Indo-Aryan liturgical language native to the Indian subcontinent. It is widely studied because it is the language of the Pāli Canon or Tipiṭaka and is the sacred language of Theravāda Buddhism. The earliest archaeological evidence of the existence of canonical Pali comes from Pyu city-states inscriptions found in Burma dated to the mid-5th to mid-6th centuries CE.



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diplomats, and ministers to seek (now extinct) Pali language. Saddhā bringing with her over 20 years sustainable

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Finally, thank you to all the readers who have followed, absorbed, and assessed the Website quality of this series of annual reports on the Thai Health, and for your …

persevering in the Dharma since the in the Pali language. Prince Wachirayanawarorot was the first day

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Thereafter, the beginning of the Maoist insurgency in 1996; the partial and complete takeovers by the king in 2002 and 2005; the Second People’s Movement of 2006; the signing of …

22, 2019. Identity, Society, and State • 105 pali language speakers find themselves in, and a positive

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Preface The Situation of the Thai Elderly Report 2017 is a product of the National Committee for the Elderly(NCE) as mandated in the 2003 Act on the Elderly, Article 9(10) …

tham) and the highest level (level 9) of the Pali language studies (parian tham) while still a novice.

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and common version of the Tripitaka is in the Pali language, also called the Pali Canon.The Pali Canon

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According to the chronicles of the Konbaung era, the minister’s post and title were awarded on the 9th day of the waxing moon of the month of Tabaung 1208 M. …

either scriptures or documents dealing with the Pali language. One example was woven for a manuscript entitled

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The purpose of this document is to display the status, data and statistics in order to judge the success and remaining challenges for Thailand in promoting health and quality of …

the Buddha. The original Tripitaka is in the Pali language, Understanding Dharma in the sense of nature

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The adjustment of confrontation between various groups, the process of fence demolition and ongoing rebuilding makes the power structure of the border area a formation of new production and dynamically …

education. The priesthood will have to learn Pali language and Thai to prepare for the priesthood. In addition

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49) พระพทุธเจ้ำตรัสสอนวำ่ทกุคนเป็นพระพทุธเจ้ำได้และทกุคนก็เป็นดอกอทุมุพรได้ (ตชิ นทั ฮนัห์, 2542, น. [...] 71) จำกหนงัสือ เวลำนีท่ี้เป็นสขุ กำรปฏิบตัิของพระพุทธองค์ คือกำรกลบัมำดแูลควำมทกุข์ของเรำ ในวิถีท่ีเรำจะสำมำรถ เปล่ียนแปรควำมทกุข์ให้กลำยเป็นควำมสขุ (ตชิ นทั ฮนัห์, 2555ข, น. [...] 31) 109 เวลำใครพยำยำมจะตีเรำ เรำเล่ียงไม่ให้ถูกตี กำรหลบหลีกอย่ำงรวดเร็วนีแ้ลมำจำกมนสั (ตชิ นทั ฮนัห์, 2551, …

most was using simple language and avoiding Pali language, creating message with (6) delicate and statement

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they can compose Paññāsa Jātaka in form of Pali language and study on Sanskrit has been done widely

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