Paraguay (; Spanish pronunciation: [paɾaˈɣwaj] (listen)), officially the Republic of Paraguay (Spanish: República del Paraguay; Guarani: Tetã Paraguái), is a country in South America. It is bordered by Argentina to the south and southwest, Brazil to the east and northeast, and Bolivia to the northwest. Although one of only two landlocked countries in South America (the other being Bolivia), the country has coasts, beaches and ports on the Paraguay and Paraná rivers that give exit to the Atlantic Ocean through the Paraná-Paraguay Waterway.Spanish conquistadores arrived in 1524, and in 1537 established the city of Asunción, the first capital of the …



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Progress and the Peril: HIV and Global De/criminalization of Same-Sex Sex documents the reversal on laws criminalizing same-sex sex in the context of the HIV pandemic. The joint report by …

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The crises of climate breakdown and extreme inequality dominate our age. Headlines are filled with billionaire hubris and burning heatwaves. Our planet risks being destroyed under a sea of flood …

forefront of the region’s water crisis. Brazil, Paraguay and Bolivia are also suffering multi-year droughts

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ACCESS FOR AGRICULTURAL PRODUCTS PROJECT COUNTRY: PARAGUAY PROYECT NUMBER: P168153 Public Disclosure Authorized Disclosure Authorized Page 1 PROCUREMENT PLAN Paraguay : Market Access for Agricultural Products Project Project General Information Country: Paraguay Bank’s Approval Date of the Original Procurement Plan: 2020-02-12

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Le présent ouvrage utilise de Ces régimes autoritaires ont en manière interchangeable les termes commun de contrôler les leviers de mouvement de résistance civile pouvoir de la société, entraînant la …

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The study presents a series of recommendations to those involved in policy discussions about Team Europe and in the further conceptualisation and realisation of TEIs.

Justice Partnership (TEI-LAC); Paraguay-Reducing Inequalities (TEI-Paraguay); Cambodia-Sustainable Landscapes crime following phase still pending Paraguay – Reducing Ine- Paraguay Inclusion of isolated Launched in in 2021. Still qualities [TEI-Paraguay] populations through in design phase. Imple- digitalisation mentation Guatemala, Honduras, Mexico, Nicaragua, Panama, Paraguay, Peru, Uruguay and Venezuela (FIIAPP, n.d.). The Initiative on Reducing Inequalities in Paraguay (TEI-Paraguay) 3.2.1. Description This TEI on reducing

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This report provides an overview of FS2030's progress in developing and advancing implementation of the FY23 Annual Work Plan and Budget and results toward FS2030's goal of helping countries build …

in Bangladesh, Ghana, Jordan, Madagascar, and Paraguay. • Co-convened the Global Alliance for Food Jordan, Madagascar, Malawi, Mozambique, Nepal, Paraguay and Sri Lanka). • As part of its high-level engagements

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● This research explores the role played by EU cattle supply ● These figures however underestimate the extent of chains in driving the conversion of native vegetation to conversion of …

landscape supports rich biodiversity, across Brazil, Paraguay and Bolivia, covering a total containing sizeable including the giant approximately 60% of the Upper Paraguay River Basin, otter (Pteronura brasiliensis), one Pantanal that falls unknown number in Bolivia and Paraguay.37 The total cattle within Mato Grosso do Sul A. F., ed. The Pantanal of Brazil, Bolivia and Paraguay: Selected Discourses on the 19 Ramsar Convention

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The world faces twin crises of climate breakdown and runaway inequality. The richest people, corporations and countries are destroying the world with their huge carbon emissions. Meanwhile, people living in …

forefront of the region’s water crisis. Brazil, Paraguay and Bolivia are also suffering multi-year droughts

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