Racial Profiling

Racial or ethnic profiling is the act of suspecting or targeting a person on the basis of assumed characteristics or behavior of a racial or ethnic group, rather than on individual suspicion. Racial profiling, however, is not limited only to an individual's ethnicity or race, but can also be based on the individual's religion, or national origin. In European countries, the term "ethnic profiling" is also used instead of racial profiling.



SWP: Stiftung Wissenschaft und Politik · 23 May 2024 English

In contrast, we need to strengthen our exchanges with the so-called Global South, and in particular with African partners, in order to forge global partnerships – to defend our shared …

Familien wurden aus ihren Wohnungen vertrieben. Racial Profiling wurde zur Norm, von der auch dunkelhäutig

UN: The United Nations · 23 May 2024 English

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racist hate speech and hate crimes. Racial profiling 19. The Committee is concerned about the the lack of prohibition of racial profiling in the legislative framework on law enforcement. It is also detailed information on measures taken to combat racial profiling and racially motivated police violence, in in the light of reports of racial profiling by the police of members of ethnic minority groups, including No. 36 (2020) on preventing and combating racial profiling by law enforcement officials, the Committee

UN: The United Nations · 23 May 2024 English

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the International Labour Organization. Racial profiling 24. The Committee takes note of the measures legislative provision explicitly prohibiting racial profiling by law enforcement officials and other public officials. It is also concerned about reports of racial profiling by law enforcement officials, traffic authorities No. 36 (2020) on preventing and combating racial profiling by law enforcement officials, the Committee legislation a comprehensive prohibition of racial profiling and ensure that law enforcement officials

EU: European Union · 13 May 2024 English

European Union (‘the Charter’), to prevent racial profiling. It should be possible for the authorities

Amnesty International · 8 May 2024 English

Have you ever wondered about the critical role of police during protests? Are you curious about the rules governing the use of force and firearms by police officials? Interested in …

of force during protests and at the border, racial profiling, and the discriminatory use of new technologies

American Immigration Council · 7 May 2024 English

(2023) at Section 102(b)(1); H. [...] (2023) at Section 3(b)(4); H. [...] (2023) at Section 3(b)(1)(D); H. [...] (2023) at Section 3(b)(1)(C)(ii); H. [...] (2023) at Section 3(b)(2); H.

years.62 Despite provisions limiting the use racial profiling. of unreliable Immigration and Customs Enforcement information and result from over- policing and racial profiling.64 H.R. 16 and H.R. 3599 also include several

DGAP: Deutsche Gesellschaft für Auswärtige Politik · 6 May 2024 English

The geopolitical contestation over disruptive technolo- created favourable conditions for a further increase in gies between the United States (US) and the People’s the global market share of Chinese technology …

example, GB/T 41772-2022, “Technical require- racial profiling.56 ments for facial recognition systems”,

Reconciliation Australia · 1 May 2024 English

First Nations businesses that, through their effective year – AIATSIS’ sixtieth – will gather to demonstrate governance models, make the Summit is convened in The theme for NAIDOC the success …

Nations as discriminatory and underlining racial profiling. The Commissioner also committed to making Torres Strait Islander people Other evidence of racial profiling by police against Aboriginal in Australia

EU: European Union · 29 April 2024 English

European Union (‘the Charter’), to prevent racial profiling. It should be possible for the authorities

UN: The United Nations · 24 April 2024 English

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steps the State party had taken to prevent racial profiling and racial discrimination against ethnic to prevent, combat and explicitly prohibit racial profiling against groups more vulnerable to racial received against police officers accused of racial profiling, whether there was an external system in intelligence in the light of concerns of racial profiling arising from its use. 49. A representative

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