Radio Regulations

Radio regulation refers to the regulation and licensing of radio in international law, by individual governments, and by municipalities.



CAPS: Centre for Air Power Studies · 2 November 2023 English

been inducted into the military ex-import, some in the last three to four years with the process The French firm’s partnership with HAL still on, like the Apaches for the …

offer commercial services using them. to the Radio Regulations, the treaty-level agreement governing terrestrial

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The President underlined the important role of the Executive Council in preparing the next session of the World Meteorological Congress, which will elect the officers and the members of the …

of the in-force version of the Radio Regulations. The Radio Regulations can be obtained at: https://www int/en/myitu/Publications/2020/09/02/14/23/Radio-Regulations- 2020?sc_camp=DD249A18F65340498C7674FA167CAC94 int/en/myitu/Publications/2020/09/02/14/23/Radio-Regulations-2020?sc_camp=DD249A18F65340498C7674FA167CAC94 int/en/myitu/Publications/2020/09/02/14/23/Radio-Regulations-2020?sc_camp=DD249A18F65340498C7674FA167CAC94 activities with 4 Radio Regulations footnotes are found in Volume 1 of the Radio Regulations. The Radio Regulations

US Federal Communications Commission · 14 August 2023 English

The 11.7 - 12.2 GHz band is used for FSS (DL) as a primary service on a non-federal basis: this is the downlink that is paired with the uplink in …

international allocations are based on the 2020 ITU Radio Regulations. Both of these tables are the latest available strict rules on terrestrial use in the ITU Radio Regulations. It has coordination requirements for NGSOs

US Federal Communications Commission · 4 August 2023

In 2013, the President directed NTIA to “design and conduct a pilot program to monitor spectrum usage in real time in selected communities throughout the country to determine whether a …

International Telecommunication Union’s (ITU) Radio Regulations require administrations to periodically check Usage Report). 22 See ITU, Radio Regulations, Vol. 1, Article 3, Radio Regulations (RR) No. 13.14 (2020). Monitoring Handbook). 24 ITU, Radio Regulations, Vol. 1, Article 16, Radio Regulations (RR) Nos. 16.1–16.8 (2020)

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The objective of the paper is to identify the appropriate The proliferation of mobile (4G, 5G) and satellite assignment method for spectrum for space-based communications is creating demands for spectrum. …

communication are harmonized systems. ITU Radio Regulations (RR) is an International Treaty, Common techniques · 11 July 2023 English

While it is not the subject of the proceeding, it is critical that the Canadian Media Fund and CanCon definitions be reformed to be highly flexible and available to support …

whole life, I remember the original CanCon radio regulations and I wholly supported them at the time. They

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Dunstana July 2023 Policy Paper The Center for Growth and Opportunity at Utah State University is a university-based academic research center that explores the scientific foundations of the interaction between …

gov/content/pkg/FR-1958-04-23/pdf/FR-1958-04-23.pdf. 123 Radio Regulations, Geneva, Aug. 17–Dec. 21, 1959, Res. 36. For to the extent practicable, with the Geneva Radio Regulations, as revised by the Space WARC, Geneva, 1971

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The first one, the Outer Space Treaty While there are analogies to cyber sovereignty (OST), arose contemporaneously with and in tensions on Earth and also the Law of the Sea …

non-binding, authority of the international Radio Regulations multilateral22 set of principles for the Artemis structures have evolved over time. In the The ITU Radio Regulations is an international same way, government involvement telecommunications (the 31 The 2020 edition of the ITU Radio Regulations is available at ITU), is necessary

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37 Category 1 (Full Member) 37 The ISC in global policy and the United Nations 14 Category 2 (Full Member) 37 Category 3 (Affiliated Member) 37 – The ISC and …

particular those Emirates, where the ITU-R Radio Regulations will be revised. IUCAF for interoperability cross-disciplinary astronomy in the treaty text of the Radio Regulations. In all, IUCAF research areas. Each case study

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In April 2021, the Chinese government officially, but rather quietly, established a new state-owned enterprise (SOE) named China SatNet. Its mission: build out China’s “mega-constellation” program for low Earth orbiting …

satellites. It is worth noting that under the ITU Radio Regulations, after registering its application, a State

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