The seabed (also known as the seafloor, sea floor, or ocean floor) is the bottom of the ocean, no matter how deep. All floors of the ocean are known as 'seabeds'.

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MP-IDSA · 30 November 2021 English

Though rightfully an oxymoron (since the use of the word ‘military’ construes the use of ‘force’ to settle differences, while ‘diplomacy’ means the exact opposite), the term and its practice …

Assistance Terrain mapping using geospatial means or seabed mapping by means of hydrography are specialised

IFRI · 10 November 2021 English

On its path to carbon neutrality, the European Union (EU) will be exposed to growing energy price volatility and vulnerable to Russian and Chinese pressure on supply and demand. The …

challenges will be about making large land and seabed available more quickly and improving the approval

World Bank Group · 3 November 2021 English

through mapping of degraded landscapes in Dry Aral Seabed and inventory of unrecorded forests (Yes/No

ORF · 28 October 2021 English

Russia—the state with the longest Arctic coastline—is embarking on an ambitious plan to benefit from the vast natural resources of the region, while undertaking a military modernisation effort that had …

treaty defines continental shelf as follows: ‘the seabed and subsoil of the submarine areas that extend

CEIP · 21 October 2021 English

With the Quad’s recent statement on a partnership related to outer space, India has an opportunity to bolster its private space sector. But it will need to articulate a national …

the Law of the Sea, which permits exploitation of seabed resources that are outside the territorial jurisdictions

UNEP · 21 October 2021 English

Global plastic production has risen exponentially in the last decades. It now amounts to some 400 million tonnes per year. Yet only an estimated 12% of the plastics produced have …

which are abraded as they are dragged across the seabed (FAO 2017). Aquaculture produces a range of marine

IISD · 18 October 2021 English

Mining companies reap huge benefits extracting valuable minerals, but often at a cost to surrounding communities and the environment. Regulating these activities mainly depends on national frameworks and policies, but …

Convention on the Law of the Sea governs mining on the seabed and subsoil beyond the limits of national jurisdiction activities are regulated under the International Seabed Authority. There are also international treaties

World Bank Group · 13 October 2021 English

in coastal processes resulting in alterations to seabed and coastal geomorphology because of these structures

World Bank Group · 13 October 2021 English

coastal processes resulting in alterations to seabed and coastal geomorphology because of these structures in coastal processes resulting in alterations to seabed and coastal geomorphology. Resultant impacts could physical removal/suspension of seabed sediments or covering of the seabed through dredging and disposal

EPRS · 11 October 2021 English

A rich tapestry of nations and cultures, the Mediterranean has always been a strategic area for the European Union (EU) and there is much mutual benefit to be garnered from …

of all floating marine litter and over 50 % of seabed marine litter. More broadly speaking, biodiversity

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