Secession is the withdrawal of a group from a larger entity, especially a political entity, but also from any organization, union or military alliance. Some of the most famous and significant secessions have been: the former Soviet republics leaving the Soviet Union, Ireland leaving the United Kingdom and Algeria leaving France. Threats of secession can be a strategy for achieving more limited goals. It is, therefore, a process, which commences once a group proclaims the act of secession (e.g. declaration of independence). A secession attempt might be violent or peaceful, but the goal is the creation of a new state …

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FORUM-Asia · 25 November 2021 English

Universal Periodic Review observed that the AFSPA laws confer ‚Äėimpunity that often leads to Marital Rape the violation of human rights.‚Äô47 However, since the Supreme Court upheld the constitutionality The ‚Ķ

prosecuting supports or is intended to support secession of any and ultimately securing their punishment

FPRI · 8 November 2021 English

country at risk of dissolution, this is not the time for the African Union to entertain Somaliland’s secession. However, the opposite is true. Growing instability in Ethiopia calls for greater stability in the

the African Union to entertain Somaliland’s secession. However, the opposite is true. Growing instability

Cato Institute · 14 October 2021

Recognizing that secession is usually best reserved as a last resort in political and constitutional disputes, given that secessionist agitation often flares up into violence, this article proposes an as though it were a unitary state. There has been increasing agitation in recent years for the secession of the Western Cape province, which since South Africa ended apartheid in 1994 has never returned blood is spilled in the name of national independence. However, calls for more autonomy‚ÄĒwhether secession or devolution‚ÄĒare routinely derided as merely attempts to entrench the interests of right‚Äź‚Äčwing

World Bank Group · 13 October 2021 English

following the loss of oil exports due to the secession of South Sudan, Sudan is contending with a of the civil war in the south and after the secession of South Sudan. Much of the river transport infrastructure

BIGD · 2 October 2021 English

The State of Governance 2020‚Äď2021 report by the BRAC Institute of Governance and Development (BIGD), BRAC University, and the Accountability Research Center, American University, assesses the governance of COVID-19 in ‚Ķ

consequential. The Bhola Cyclone of 1970 escalated the secession of a united Pakistan and the birth of Bangladesh

Cato Institute · 20 September 2021 English

Foot voting under federalism can work even more effectively when state and local governments have incentives to compete for residents by offering lower taxes, cheaper housing, and better public services.This …

headed for a¬†contentious divorce ‚ÄĒ in the form of secession or civil conflict. This sorry state of affairs

Africa Portal · 17 September 2021 English

resigned and fled the country in May 1991.The dissolution of the Derg State resulted in Eritrea’s secession from Ethiopia (which officially transformed Ethiopia into a landlocked country) and the EPRDF’s

dissolution of the Derg State resulted in Eritrea‚Äôs secession from Ethiopia (which ofÔŅĹcially transformed Ethiopia

World Bank Group · 7 September 2021 English

political and social changes, including the secession of South Sudan in 2011. Essential social and economic

AIR Center · 6 September 2021 English

Recent Armenian provocations setting up its new posts near Mukhtarkend and and gloomy outlook for Pax Shushakend, as well as in the territories to the Caucasia east of the administrative …

shellings of Azerbaijani positions in us. The secession of Nagorno-Karabakh from Nakhchivan and liberated

Urban Institute · 1 September 2021 English

Segregation on the basis of race or ethnicity is one of the most enduring and pervasive inequities in US public education. School segregation is determined not only by residential sorting …

altogether. Tennessee state law prohibited district secession, but suburbanites lobbied to change that law (Frankenberg

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