Social Development

Social change involves alteration of the social order of a society. It may include changes in social institutions, social behaviours or social relations.

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WRI · 10 December 2021 English

This paper aims to connect unmet nature-based solutions (NBS) investment needs in Latin America and the Caribbean (LAC) with new financial resources. It highlights five strategies that leverage private capital …

the Trust for Coastal Zone Man- agement, Social Development, and Security (CZMT) in 2018. The conservation by the Trust for Coastal Zone Management, Social Development, and Security Insurance issuer: Seguros

WRI · 10 December 2021 English

This paper discusses how the Latin American and Caribbean region is on the verge of a transition from experimenting with nature-based solutions (NBS) to adopting it on a much wider …

established the Trust for Coastal Zone Management, Social Development, and Security (Coastal Zone Management Trust)

Al Sharq Strategic Research · 30 November 2021 English

Lastly, the brief ends with an examination of the existing cracks in the alliance under six main titles: (1) the 2019 protests; (2) Lebanon’s economic crisis and isolation; (3) the …

not invite Syria to the Arab Economic and Social Development Summit, which Hezbollah harshly criticized

World Bank Group · 19 November 2021

Mobility is essential for economic and social development, but the transport sector in most countries is not sustainable in its existing form. Reducing Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions and local pollutants

ECPAT · 18 November 2021 English

In recent years, important achievements have been made in the areas of prevention, legislative protection, child participation and research, as well as collaboration with private companies in the travel and …

contributions agenda for social work and social development. 14 Child sexual exploitation and abuse online:

World Bank Group · 17 November 2021

Tax revenue in many low-income countries is inadequate for funding government investment in infrastructure and public services. This paper examines two dimensions of low state capacity that hinder tax collection: …

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