An invitation to tender (ITT, otherwise known as a call for bids or a request for tenders) is a formal, structured procedure for generating competing offers from different potential suppliers or contractors looking to obtain an award of business activity in works, supply, or service contracts, often from companies who have been previously assessed for suitability by means of a supplier questionnaire (SQ) or pre-qualification questionnaire (PQQ). The term "notice inviting tenders" (NIT) is often used in purchasing in India.An ITT differs from a request for quotation (RFQ) or a request for proposal (RFP), in which case other reasons (technology …



MUHC: McGill University Health Centre Technology Assessment Unit · 16 May 2024 English

The object of the present by-law is to establish the operating rules of the UC. [...] Accomplish these tasks by liaising with the administration (UC only), the management, and the …

of membership will be immediate upon: 22.2.1. Tendering written resignation to the Advocacy Subcommittee

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The start of the implementation phase is set as the year in which the first project in a given district was started, and the completion is set as the year …

acquiring equipment, rather than resorting to a tendering process (State Comptroller, 2014). The implementation

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relaunched following a first unsuccessful bid. The new tendering process is at the Pre-qualification stage. 

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module, Procurement Plan & Advert Module, Tendering Module, Evaluation & Award Module, e-GP Admin catalogue, iv) e- framework agreement iii) tendering, iv) evaluation & award, v) e-GP admin, vi) e-learning, viii) contract management, ix) tendering, x) evaluation & award, ix) catalogue, x) Only For Official Use Only & advert module, tendering module, evaluation & award module, e-GP admin BPP and the software vendor, progress in tendering module, evaluation & award module, e-GP admin

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implement dam safety measures during the design, bid tendering, rehabilitation, operation, and maintenance of

World Bank Group · 9 May 2024 English

Procurement Regulations following procedures for Open Tendering Method (OTM) of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh

World Bank Group · 9 May 2024 English

(“ESHS”) risks and impacts 5) In case of Open Tendering, the receipt of less than three bids shall not

World Bank Group · 8 May 2024 English

Suppl y and Installation of SVC, SPS and PMUs- Re-tendering IDA / H7700 Technical Assistance and Int egration

World Bank Group · 8 May 2024 English

Umum (Public Tendering) and Pemilihan Langsung/Pelelangan Sederhana (Simplified Tendering) methods as

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operations may be carried out in accordance with “Tendering with Unlimited Participation” method set forth Other national procurement arrangements such as tendering with limited participation, request for quotations

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