Terminology is a general word for the group of specialized words or meanings relating to a particular field, and also the study of such terms and their use. This is also known as terminology science. Terms are words and compound words or multi-word expressions that in specific contexts are given specific meanings—these may deviate from the meanings the same words have in other contexts and in everyday language. Terminology is a discipline that studies, among other things, the development of such terms and their interrelationships within a specialized domain. Terminology differs from lexicography, as it involves the study of concepts, …

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AU · 26 May 2022 English

Following the Commission’s support, a national SSR Policy was adopted in 2016, the policy particularly established the following main SSR pillars 1) the army (Sea-Air-Land), 2) the national police, 3) …

Skills • Significant knowledge of SSR concepts, terminology, and research and policy literature, particularly

Verified Voting · 25 May 2022 English

of the why – RLAs are for voters and people in the community • Explain the how – choose simple terminology and use it consistently • Keep it local – highlight the real folks in the community who conducted

community • Explain the how – choose simple terminology and use it consistently • Keep it local – highlight like RLAs are different from sham reviews here Terminology • Tabulation audit - Provides a routine check

The Independent Review of Children's Social Care · 23 May 2022 English

This review is the most wide ranging rethink of children’s social care in England in more than a generation. In 2019 the UK government’s manifesto committed to reviewing the children’s …

a series of technical annexes.11 A word on terminology Throughout this report we have aimed to minimise ‘home’ in some sections of the report where this terminology is used in research. However, people live in homes not placements, and we have avoided this terminology wherever possible. ‘Love’- is often missing referring to guidance or legislation where this terminology is use. How to read this report http://childrenssocialcare

SU · 20 May 2022 English

Misinformation is a grave threat to science. In this report, generated by an international group of leading scientists and education researchers, we outline the nature of that threat along with …

algorithm can be manipulated by a careful choice of terminology or by artificially inflated volume statistics

19 May 2022 English

Preprint. New academic knowledge in journal articles is partly built on peer reviewed research already published in journals or books. Academics can also draw from non-academic sources, such as the …

relevant citations (e.g., those including patent terminology). It is also possible to identify documents that

ISC · 19 May 2022 English

Ensuring that appropriate data is available to of data integration is the widespread use of data stakeholders is a challenging, as various conditions in in various types of models, tasks …

database. Retrieved from UNDRR Terminology: https://www.undrr.org/terminology/ disaster-loss-database UNDRR DIsaster Risk Reduction: https://www. undrr.org/terminology/build-back-better USEPA. (2022). Climate Impacts

NCFA · 18 May 2022 English

Risks to consumers include mis-selling of products and services, financial exclusion, data privacy, security risks, or abusive behavior.5 The intensity and manner in which these risks materialize and spread across …

2018 “Cyber Lexicon”, which provides a common terminology to facilitate work on cyber resilience and security

NCFA · 18 May 2022 English

For the purposes of this note, fintech refers to advances in technology that have the potential to transform the provision of financial services, spurring the development of new business models, …

the need for providers to develop consistent terminology and reduce 131. For example, the Payment Systems

SI · 17 May 2022 English

This happens include the cost of products and where the products are unsuitable services; the complexity of financial and the requirements for setting up products and services and the accounts …

(language/ new/still small not satisfy products terminology) my needs Number of Enterprises Financial Inclusion

School of Public Policy, University of Calgary · 17 May 2022 English

The state of knowledge in permafrost science and engineering, the progress made and the remaining challenges are also highlighted in the paper. [...] (2020) summarized the fundamental knowledge and advances …

Ground-ice Terms (Van Everdingen 1998) to avoid the terminology of “skin flow” and “bimodal flow,” and instead

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