Urban Sociology

Urban sociology is the sociological study of life and human interaction in metropolitan areas. It is a normative discipline of sociology seeking to study the structures, environmental processes, changes and problems of an urban area and by doing so provide inputs for urban planning and policy making. In other words, it is the sociological study of cities and their role in the development of society. Like most areas of sociology, urban sociologists use statistical analysis, observation, social theory, interviews, and other methods to study a range of topics, including migration and demographic trends, economics, poverty, race relations and economic trends. …



LEAD · 15 November 2023 English

Changing form and function in the ceremonial and the colonial port city in India: an historical analysis of Madurai and Madras. [...] Colonial urbanism: the development of Madras city in …

Bhat, C., & Kadekar, L. N. (eds) A Reader in Urban Sociology. Orient Longman. Mines, M. (1992). Individuality

ICS: Institute for Culture and Society · 10 November 2023 English

About the Cultural Infrastructure Research Program The Cultural Infrastructure Research Program (co-led by Professor Deborah Stevenson and Dr Zelmarie Cantillon) conducts cutting-edge, interdisciplinary research into the cultural institutions and practices …

culture is important to both cultural and urban sociology. Using Sydney, Australia, as a case study and

NBER: National Bureau of Economic Research · 9 November 2023 English

Do white teachers learn racial competency from their Black peers? We answer this question using a mixed-methods approach. Longitudinal administrative data from North Carolina show that having a Black same-grade …

interviewing approach, a well-documented method in urban sociology that employs open- ended questions to elicit

MPIDR: Max Planck Institute for Demographic Research · 16 August 2023 English

“Racial Variation in Community Cognizance and Taste.” Annual Meeting of the Population Association of America. [...] “Electing the Chief of Police: How the Race of Elected Officials Affects Racial Disparities …

University, Comprehensive Exams: Demography, Urban Sociology, Social Network Analysis, Quantitative Methods Cum Laude, with Honors RESEARCH INTERESTS Urban Sociology, Demography, Inequality, Race and Ethnicity 2023 2022 Roundtable Presider: Community and Urban Sociology Section Roundtables. Annual Meeting of the

Joint Center for Housing Studies of Harvard University · 24 April 2023 English

Housing in the Context of Neighborhood Decline Housing in the Context of Neighborhood Decline APRIL 2023 | SHARON CORNELISSEN, CHRISTINE JANG-TRETTIEN Housing in the Context of Neighborhood Decline1 Sharon Cornelissen …

an area that is little-recognized within urban sociology but potentially affects all fields of housing should not be treated as a niche area within urban sociology, nor as a historical urban process from a long-foregone

ISC: International Science Council · 23 March 2023 English

Recognizing the critical role of cities in defining the pathways towards sustainable development, the overarching goal of the LIRA programme was to build the capacity of the next generation of …

innovation; urban metabolism and renewable energy; urban sociology and gender mainstreaming; mechanical engineering; non-academic actors. The academics include experts in urban sociology, geography, fine art, photography, community urban-coastal land dynamics, environmental sociology, urban sociology and social change, urban planning, public health

ISC: International Science Council · 21 March 2023 English

The rationale for promoting the TD approach is that it seeks to grasp the complexity of the problems involved, and to consider the diverse scientific and societal views of the …

techniques for mapping neighbourhood activities and urban sociology – have shifted preconceived assumptions, resulting

CEE : Centre for European studies and comparative Politics · 26 February 2023

and the RT42 of the AFS. [...] ASA – American Sociological Association Sections: Community and urban sociology – Sociology of culture – Comparative and historical sociology Global and transnational sociology

bruno.cousin@sciencespo.fr Research interests Urban sociology – Social inequality – Cultural sociology Upper time: 48h 10 ECTS credits 2021-22 16 students Urban sociology [KSOD 230001] lectures (with Marco Oberti) Sociological Association Sections: Community and urban sociology – Sociology of culture – Comparative and historical

NITI Aayog: National Institution for Transforming India (NITI Aayog) · 14 February 2023 English

Ensure self-sustainability • To identify sources of revenue for The Institute in order to ensure self-sustainability • To ensure proper functioning of The Institute to derive and maximize output and …

Economics (16,000, Beginner) • Urban Sociology (16,000, Beginner) • Urban Sociology (16,000, Beginner) • International Agriculture International Science Economics Energy • Urban sociology • Consumer • Women’s and Producer Health and Understanding memory • Communication Science • Urban sociology 43 — Programme Delivery • Teaching The Institute

IIHS: Indian Institute for Human Settlements · 4 January 2023

The re-examining of these binaries and inherent tensions has led to the emergence of new categories that are evident in several ways and forms, from daily lived experiences to analytical …

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