Value Added Tax

A value-added tax (VAT), known in some countries as a goods and services tax (GST), is a type of tax that is assessed incrementally. It is levied on the price of a product or service at each stage of production, distribution, or sale to the end consumer. If the ultimate consumer is a business that collects and pays to the government VAT on its products or services, it can reclaim the tax paid. It is similar to, and is often compared with, a sales tax. VAT essentially compensates for the shared service and infrastructure provided in a certain locality by …

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A Post-Pandemic Assessment of the Sustainable Development Goals

IMF · 29 April 2021 English

The COVID-19 pandemic hit countries’ development agendas hard. The ensuing recession has pushed millions into extreme poverty and has shrunk government resources available for spending on achieving the United Nations …

revenue gain of ½ percentage point of GDP from value-added tax on imports and 1 percentage point from oil

COVID-19 Emergency Response Project: Audited Project Financial Statements (26 March-26 September 2020

ADB · 28 April 2021 English

Annual audited project financial statements for sovereign operations provide project financial information prepared in accordance with generally accepted accounting principles and audited by an independent certified public accountant. This document …

PIU - Project implementation unit VAT - Value added tax WA - Withdrawal application GoM - Government

Fair and efficient tax policy

AEI · 27 April 2021 English

Kyle Pomerleau considers the challenges of two recently proposed policies: a wealth tax and a tax on the book income of corporations and urges lawmakers to consider broader-based taxes to finance new government

miles traveled (VMT) tax, a carbon tax, and a value-added tax (VAT). Gas Taxes and VMT Taxes A portion 1 trillion between 2020 and 2029.xxiv A Value-Added Tax Even before the pandemic and President Biden’s spending and address the fiscal imbalance is the value-added tax, or VAT. A VAT is a broad-based tax on goods Gale, “Raising Revenue with a Progressive Value-Added Tax,” Tax Policy Center. https://www.taxpolicycenter Progressive Value-Added Tax.” xxviii Gale, “Raising Revenue with a Progressive Value-Added Tax.” xxix Joseph

Republic of Uzbekistan: 2021 Article IV Consultation-Press Release; and Staff Report

IMF · 26 April 2021 English

Uzbekistan embarked on an ambitious reform path in 2017, starting to liberalize its economy after years of state control. Incomes are still relatively low compared to other emerging economies. Uzbekistan …

532 83,959 94,903 105,501 116,915 129,807 Value added tax 27,877 33,810 40,674 35,808 31,177 43,991 52

Sustainable Economic Recovery Program (Subprogram 1): Concept Paper

ADB · 25 April 2021 English

Concept papers provide the general information and description of a proposed project. This document dated April 2021 is provided for the ADB project 54307-001 in Bangladesh.

enterprise TA – technical assistance VAT – value-added tax NOTES systems harmonization between income tax and value-added tax (VAT) wings of NBR. Islamic banks hold about SME = small and medium enterprises; VAT = value-added tax. a Government of Bangladesh. 2020. Eighth enterprise; SOE = state-owned enterprises; VAT = value-added tax. Note: Shaded boxes list causes that this

Kingdom of the Netherlands—Aruba: 2021 Article IV Consultation Discussions-Press Release; Staff Report; …

IMF · 21 April 2021 English

Aruba managed to contain the pandemic in the first months of the outbreak but experienced a resurgence of new infections in the summer. The economic impact of COVID-19 is particularly …

across the economy. The introduction of a value- added tax (VAT) should be accelerated to offset the across the economy. The introduction of a value -added tax (VAT) should be accelerated to offset the petroleum products. Postponed. Introducing a value-added tax (VAT) to replace the current various indirect

Energy News Monitor, Volume XVII; Issue 41

ORF · 19 April 2021 English

In the past few years, media headlines have suggested that communication devices such as smartphones use as much electricity as refrigerators or that the carbon foot print of video streaming …

petrol and diesel, while the states levy VAT (Value Added Tax). Thakur said that in March 2020, the price

Nordic Environmental Fiscal Reform

IISD · 15 April 2021 English

Environmental fiscal reform (EFR)—the alignment of taxes, subsidies and spending with positive environmental outcomes—provides a means of addressing both these challenges by raising revenues (for debt The Nordics also tax energy, transport, air pollution, and waste. While national policies vary, the Nordics have generally used environmental tax revenues to fund reductions in taxes that are a drag on the economy, finance green stimulus to boost productivity, and provide

of Finance, 2020). Registration taxes and value-added tax (VAT) together can raise the purchase price

Energy News Monitor, Volume XVII; Issue 40

ORF · 14 April 2021 English

In 2005, approximately 80 percent of Indian websites were hosted in data centres outside India primarily because power supply was unreliable to set up data-centres. In the early 2010s, increase …

combination of ad valorem tax, cess, extra Value Added Tax (VAT)/surcharge based on their needs and these

Nepal Development Update, April 2021 : Harnessing Export Potential for a Green, …

World Bank Group · 11 April 2021 English

Nepal has been hit hard by COVID-19, although the situation has improved more recently. As the outbreak became widespread in mid-2020, a nationwide lockdown was implemented from March to July …

supply chain disruptions, and weak demand. The value-added tax – over 60 percent of which is collected at

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