Vegetation is an assemblage of plant species and the ground cover they provide. It is a general term, without specific reference to particular taxa, life forms, structure, spatial extent, or any other specific botanical or geographic characteristics. It is broader than the term flora which refers to species composition. Perhaps the closest synonym is plant community, but vegetation can, and often does, refer to a wider range of spatial scales than that term does, including scales as large as the global. Primeval redwood forests, coastal mangrove stands, sphagnum bogs, desert soil crusts, roadside weed patches, wheat fields, cultivated gardens and …



WRI: World Resources Institute · 6 December 2023 English

This report systematizes the implementation process, challenges, learnings, and results of complete street interventions in eight cities from different regions of Brazil.

centralizing the stands on the street; and addition of vegetation. Intervention time: less than a week Key circumstances

Cordaid · 30 November 2023 English

Climate change is now widely recognised as a ‘threat multiplier’ for international peace and security. The field that analyses the impacts of the climate crisis on peace and security, particularly …

resulting from alterations in the climate and vegetation coverage are rendering traditional livelihoods

World Bank Group · 22 November 2023 English

were also discussed including destruction of vegetation, dust emission, air pollution. soil erosion during

PIK: Potsdam-Institut fur Klimafolgenforschung · 22 November 2023 English

There is no doubt that land cover and climate changes have consequences on landslide activity, but it is still an open issue to assess and quantify their impacts. Wanzhou County …

and land cover (LULC) change. Not only natural vegetation evo- lutions but also the change of human land are variable over time related to climate and vegetation change. Parameters marked in red are static parameters qs, K, n, and z), two are associated with the vegetation (Cr and CN), and two are rainfall-related (qa static, whereas the param- eters affected by vegetation are dynamic over time. The rainfall-induced shallow occur is related to the transforma- tions among vegetation categories from the present to the future. PoF

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Humanity faces a deepening ‘land crunch’ in the coming decades, as on current trends the demand for land for farming, climate change mitigation and other essential uses will increasingly exceed …

of all major natural land cover classes (forms of vegetation, arid cover, wetlands) and land-use categories nd-use-v1. True desert Semi-arid Dense short vegetation Open tree cover Dense tree cover Recent tree built-up Terra firma classes Semi-arid Dense short vegetation Open tree cover Dense tree cover Recent tree land as ‘other’ land. 35 Shrubland and sparse vegetation are classified as natural and semi-natural land permanent crops Tree cover Grassland Shrubland Sparse vegetation Wetland Cropland Other bare areas Artificial

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Our third annual Net Zero Atlas provides an updated analysis of G20 countries’ climate targets, mitigation strategies, and physical risk exposures. The report outlines a refreshed evaluation of the ‘temperature …

forest cover to 26% by 2035, to expand grassland vegetation cover to 60%, and increase the nature reserve

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Featuring richly detailed satellite images of Indonesia, this report shows how precise Earth Observation (EO) tools can help planners shaping infrastructure, agriculture, and coastal management, as well as climate adaptation …

Observation ESA European Space Agency EVI Enhanced Vegetation Index FAPAR Fraction of Absorbed Photosynthetically Exploitation Platform GNDVI Green Normalized Difference Vegetation Index LAI Leaf Area Index P-SBAS Parallel Small Difference Vegetation Index NDWI Normalized Difference Water Index SAVI Soil-Adjusted Vegetation Index SLC green exclusion layer includes mostly ocean, vegetation, and hilly areas. Urban areas are shown in red mapping products can detect changes over time in vegetation, crops, rural infrastructure, land surface types

CCAG: Climate Crisis Advisory Group · 20 November 2023 English

A momentous global effort must be undertaken to address the near inevitability of a 1.5°C climate overshoot, ensuring that the planet returns below the 1.5oC ‘climate guardrail’ as rapidly as …

tropical rainforests into less abundant forms of vegetation. In 2008, nine policy-relevant tipping elements

World Bank Group · 17 November 2023 English

activities are site clearance (rocks, utilities, vegetation), establishing vehicle access, civil works (OHTL

World Bank Group · 17 November 2023 English

surroundings .......... 146 Figure 74: Representative vegetation of the project area - sandy desert with psammophilous canal with a narrow strip of short riparian vegetation dominated by Turanga (Populus sp.), running parallel 80: Saline Pond with drainage ponds/riparian vegetation roughly 1 km west of the Nur- Bukhara Solar Project will be finished with gravel and kept free of vegetation or other material that could act to spread a

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