Viet Nam

Vietnam (also written as Viet Nam, Vietnamese: Việt Nam, [vîət nāːm] (listen)), officially the Socialist Republic of Vietnam (Vietnamese: Cộng hòa Xã hội chủ nghĩa Việt Nam), is a country in Southeast Asia and the easternmost country on the Indochinese Peninsula. With an estimated 97.8 million inhabitants as of 2020, it is the 16th most populous country in the world. Vietnam shares its land borders with China to the north, and Laos and Cambodia to the west. It shares its maritime borders with Thailand through the Gulf of Thailand, and the Philippines, Indonesia and Malaysia through the South China Sea. …

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Resource Guide: Building Transparent and Open Public Procurement Systems for Achieving the …

UNDP · 30 April 2021 English

Corruption poses a significant threat to economies around the world. It weakens institutions, erodes public trust, undermines fair competition, and discourages investment. According to the United Nations Office on Drugs …

Micro, Small, and Medium-Sized Enterprises: Key developments and update in the Informal …

IISD · 29 April 2021 English

This report provides an update on the Informal Working Group on MSMEs' work for June–December 2020, including COVID-19's impact on MSMEs, especially those led or owned by women.

COVID-19 on MSMEs, and especially women-led MSMEs in Viet Nam. https://www.

E-commerce Joint Statement Initiative Negotiations Among World Trade Organization Members: State of …

IISD · 29 April 2021 English

This paper provides an update on the e-commerce Joint Statement Initiative negotiations among a group of WTO members, looking at developments from early 2020 onward.

Myanmar, the Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, and Viet Nam—and Australia, China, Japan, New Zealand, and

Protecting and Investing in Natural Capital in Asia and the Pacific: Public …

ADB · 27 April 2021 English

Consultants' reports describe activities by a consultant or group of consultants related to preparing a technical assistance project. This document dated April 2021 is provided for the ADB regional project …

COVID-19 weekly epidemiological update, 27 April 2021

WHO · 27 April 2021 English

30 p.

658 116.3 0 910 3.6 Clusters of cases Viet Nam 52 2 833 2.9 0 35 0.0 Clusters of cases 1.7) 501Y.v2 (B.1.351) P.1 (B.1.1.28) Viet Nam Verified Verified - Wallis and Futuna Verified

Sustainable Economic Recovery Program (Subprogram 1): Concept Paper

ADB · 25 April 2021 English

Concept papers provide the general information and description of a proposed project. This document dated April 2021 is provided for the ADB project 54307-001 in Bangladesh.

public debt as a percentage of GDP was 43.4 for Viet Nam and 36.9 for Philippines. 9 From FY2021 to a public expenditure to GDP ratio of 19.4% and Viet Nam 29.1% in 2019. 12 Government of Bangladesh. 2020 ending in 2019, Philippines achieved 14.5% and Viet Nam 18.8%. 14 Eighth Five-Year Plan (Table 5.4).

Smart Containment: Lessons from Countries with Past Experience

IMF · 23 April 2021 English

Following the Great Lockdown in 2020, it is important to take stock of lessons learned. How effective have different containment measures been in slowing the spread of Covid-19? Have containment …

campaign. Implementing these measures allowed Viet- nam to successfully contain the virus, much more

Water Sector Investment Program - Tranche 3: Thai Nguyen Subproject Environmental Monitoring …

ADB · 22 April 2021 English

measures of a project. This document dated April 2021 is provided for the ADB project 41456-043 in Viet Nam.

December 2020) April 2021 Viet Nam: WATER SECTOR INVESTMENT PROGRAM – TRANCHE 3

Death sentences and executions 2020

Amnesty International · 21 April 2021 English

This report covers the judicial use of the death penalty for the period January to December 2020. Amnesty International reports only on executions, death sentences and other aspects of the …

but impossible to independently verify. 10. VIET NAM 87% of all recorded death sentences were imposed their use of the death penalty. In China and Viet Nam, data on the use of the death penalty is classified International had for two other countries, North Korea and Viet Nam, who are also believed to resort to the death South Sudan (2+), Syria (+), Taiwan (1), USA (17), Viet Nam (+), Yemen (5+). Amnesty International recorded Somalia South Sudan Taiwan Syria Yemen Egypt Viet Nam North Korea BEHEADING ELECTROCUTION HANGING

Death penalty in 2020: Facts and figures

Amnesty International · 21 April 2021 English

The unprecedented challenges of the Covid-19 pandemic were not enough to deter 18 countries from carrying out executions in 2020, Amnesty International said today in its annual global review of …

Malaysia, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Viet Nam and Yemen. Regional analysisRegional analysis Bangladesh, China, India, North Korea, Taiwan and Viet Nam are known to have carried out executions in 2020

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