Western Civilization

Western culture, sometimes equated with Western civilization, Occidental culture, the Western world, Western society, and European civilization, is the heritage of social norms, ethical values, traditional customs, belief systems, political systems, artifacts and technologies of the Western World that originated in or are associated with Europe. The term also applies beyond Europe to countries and cultures whose histories are strongly connected to Europe by immigration, colonization, or influence. For example, Western culture includes countries in Northern America, such as Canada and the United States, or Australasia, such as Australia and New Zealand, whose language and demographic ethnicity majorities are of …

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EU Security and Defense Challenges: Toward a European Defense Winter?

CEIP · 11 June 2020 English

Before the coronavirus pandemic, European security and defense cooperation reached a new level of ambition. With dark clouds building on many fronts, the EU must safeguard strategic autonomy and ensure …

other NATO endeavor, it isn’t a success. The Western civilization invented total war in 1914 (with an ignored

Africa’s Integration: Not an Option, but an Imperative

PCNS · 17 March 2020 English

Regional integration based on the principles of cooperation and coordination has been a tool used by countries and groups of countries to accomplish a wide range of objectives. These range …

politics.” Introduction to Nation States/Western Civilization. https://courses.lumenlearning.com/sun

A National-Conservative NATO?

DIIS · 14 March 2020 English

Why the emerging ideological alliance between the US Poland and Hungary matters

war-experienced Central Eastern European region, Western civilization shall fade. From this stems a certain to redefine the values of NATO. Their ‘Western civilization’ is a communitarian, not a cosmopolitan

Africa's Integration: Not an Option, but an Imperative

PCNS · 9 March 2020 English

Implementation of AfCFTA brings with it prospects of freer trade within the continent, and the development of Africa’s internal markets. AfCFTA has the potential to generate jobs, lift wages, spur …

politics.” Introduction to Nation States/Western Civilization. https://courses.lumenlearning.com/sun

Big Government Conservatism Returns

Cato Institute · 6 December 2019

aspirations. Tech people are said to be against the Constitution, against America itself, against Western civilization, and against humanity while helping the Chinese develop their military. No wonder tech needs

Sankhya Philosophy and Bankim Chandra Chattopadhyaya

ORF · 5 December 2019 English

He wanted to enrich the treasury of the East with western riches.” [2] In the public imagination, Bankim is better known as a novelist, and as the composer of the song Vande Mataram (‘Mother, I bow to

‘Knowledge is power’: that is the slogan of Western civilization. ‘Knowledge is salvation’ is the slogan

Experts Optimistic About the Next 50 Years of Digital Life

Pew Research Center · 28 October 2019 English

Fifty years after the first computer network was connected, most experts say digital life will mostly change things for the better in coming decades. But they say this will require …

Center for Internet and Society, commented, “Western civilization, pinnacle of individual liberty, has culminated

The Costs of Slow Economic Growth: Collected Essays

Fraser Institute · 10 October 2019 English

Real economic growth is the pathway to higher standards of living. The latter encompasses not just more consumption of goods and services but also more leisure, an improved physical environment, …

the political and social ideologies” of Western civilization, though Landes notes that this story has

Emerging dynamics of conflict and cooperation in a post-hegemonic age: A Kautilyan …

ORF · 21 August 2019 English

like Amitav Acharya and Barry Buzan have argued that there is a growing interest in local perspectives to IR theories and a demand for a global IR built on a dialogue between them and the established Western

1126504. Hobson, John. Eastern Origins of Western Civilization. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press

Why the New Zealand Terrorist Hated Not Just Muslims but also Capitalists

Cato Institute · 26 March 2019

Jews. Militant white nationalism is against the very political and economic system of the Western civilization, which is based on democracy, individual freedom, and free markets.  The New Zealand terrorist

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