Works Councils

A works council is a shop-floor organization representing workers that functions as a local/firm-level complement to trade unions but is independent of these at least in some countries. Works councils exist with different names in a variety of related forms in a number of European countries, including Britain (joint consultative committee or employees’ council); Germany and Austria (Betriebsrat); Luxembourg (comité mixte, délégation du personnel); the Netherlands (Dienstcommissie, Ondernemingsraad) and Flanders in Belgium (ondernemingsraad); Italy (comitato aziendale); France (comité social et économique); Wallonia in Belgium (conseil d'entreprise), Spain (comité de empresa) and Denmark (Samarbejdsudvalg or SU). One of the most commonly …



FS: Fabian Society · 6 November 2023 English

– In December 2021, the European Parliament passed a resolution on the right to disconnect, urging the Com- 7 “Does your organisation intend to reduce working hours in the next …

agreements and enforcement activity through ‘works councils’. This contrasts with countries like the UK sectoral entitlements. Recog- nised unions or works councils should have access to appro- – Work across

NBER: National Bureau of Economic Research · 26 October 2023 English

This paper shows empirically that the non-employment effects of unemployment insurance (UI) for older workers depend in a first-order way on the structure of retirement policies. Using German data, we …

after January 1st, 1952. 2.3 Firms, Unions and Works Councils Firms’ incentives play an important role in the role that layoff protections, CLAs and works councils play would help to make progress on the normative

WZB: Wissenschaftszentrum Berlin für Sozialforschung · 23 October 2023 English

Wealth accumulation as primary driver (Piketty 2014; Piketty 2022; Novokmet, Piketty, Zucman 2017); especially privatization of state assets in Russia and China—fed formation of oligarchs More generally, = K/Y, where …

in co-determination, collective bargaining, works councils, labor courts, constitutional stipulation of

World Bank Group · 17 October 2023 English

Croatia is provided both through trade unions and works councils, although if no works council has been set

Local Government New Zealand · 18 September 2023 English

Even without the recent cut of $50 million to councils to create walkable neighbourhoods and cycling networks6 the level of investment indicated in the draft GPS is unlikely to meaningfully …

cannot keep up with the ballooning programme of works councils are expected to deliver. With councils unable

EFFAT: European Federation of Trade Unions in the Food, Agriculture and Tourism · 11 September 2023 English

To deal with the climate breakdown and the challenges of the 21st century the solution cannot be the free-market agenda. [...] This goes at the expenses of the stability of …

representatives, including national and European works councils should contribute in developing companies’

Eurofound · 6 September 2023 English

After a long period of price stability, inflation has made a remarkable comeback in the EU. In the aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic, the energy crisis spurred by Russia’s war …

industry not directly bound by the agreement. Works councils are only allowed to conclude works agreements

WRR: Netherlands Scientific Council for Government Policy · 31 August 2023 Dutch

Goede zaken. Naar een grotere maatschappelijke bijdrage van onder­nemingen is een advies aan de regering uit naam van de voltallige Wetenschappelijke Raad voor het Regeringsbeleid.

performance: The role of top managers’ and works councils’ attitudes in bad vis-à-vis good times. Journal representation. In Rogers, J. & Streeck, W. (eds.) Works councils: consultation, representa­ tion, and cooperation

Bicycle Network · 16 August 2023 English

per site, bonds. [...] Super Counts | Bicycle Network 5 $ BN1 Cross-Out BN1 Cross-Out How it works • Councils nominate the sites they want counted • Data is collected, collated and analysed • Bicycle Network

Network 5 $ BN1 Cross-Out BN1 Cross-Out How it works • Councils nominate the sites they want counted • Data

DEval: Deutsches Evaluierungsinstitut der Entwicklungs-Zusammenarbeit · 8 August 2023 English

The business and political communities, civil society and the general public have become increasingly aware of the social and environmental risks associated with global supply chains, particularly in the wake …

equipment; • Refusal and obstruction of the work of works councils and trade union representatives; • Child and

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