Youth Health

Adolescent health, or youth health, is the range of approaches to preventing, detecting or treating young people's health and well-being.The term adolescent and young people are often used interchangeably, as are the terms Adolescent Health and Youth Health. Young people's health is often complex and requires a comprehensive, biopsychosocial approach.



World Bank Group · 18 September 2023 English

and sharing best practices on adolescent and youth health services. ►DLI 11 Health Centers with improved

Onward · 30 August 2023 English

In a form of quid-pro-quo arrangement, the temporary soldiers became “stakeholders” of the democratic polity which paved the way for the extension of the franchise to large swathes of the …

2023) “One hundred days”: immigration, work, youth, health… What to remember from Élisabeth Borne’s “road

HAI: Health Action International · 30 August 2023 English

Swai, The Eastern Africa National Networks of AIDS and Health Service Organizations (EANNASO) Acknowledgements Special thanks to the data collectors for the collection of research data, and the healthcare workers …

Ministry should establish an ‘Adolescent and youth health coordination framework for health facilities

Young and Resilient Research Centre · 28 August 2023 English

Parents online support services and resources, for education and employment, from newly-arrived communities with and to foster positive mental health accessing health and wellbeing lower levels of English language and …

(e.g. low-income families to access devices youth, health, settlement, social services, and data, offer

CADTH: Canadian Agency for Drugs and Technologies in Health · 23 August 2023 English

Shortages of Care and Medical Devices Affecting the Pediatric Patient Population 2 CADTH Horizon Scan Purpose and Scope The purpose of this horizon scan is to present health care stakeholders …

specialized area of medicine that focuses on child and youth health. It requires additional training after medical For All: Advancing a Strategy for Child and Youth Health. Ottawa (ON): Children's Healthcare Canada;

Institute for Defense Analysis · 23 August 2023 English

It started in April of 2020 at the early stages of the whole government response when the National Response Coordination Center (NRCC) came together and was co-led by CDC [the …

study and advocate for policies shown to improve youth health and fitness. An area where DOD may want to make

WHO: World Health Organization · 11 August 2023 English

Young people are critical agents for change in their active participation and engagement in health emergency preparedness, response and recovery. Between January and March 2023, the most recent work on …

faith-based organizations, community leaders, youth, health workers, journalists and civil society organizations peer influencers and work closely to increase youth health literacy; EMPOWERING YOUTH IN HEALTH EMERGENCIES: Federation of Medical Students’ Associations and the Youth Health Organization to understand the impact of the

Urban Institute · 26 July 2023 English

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) launched the Partnering for Vaccine Equity (P4VE) program in 2020 to address racial and ethnic disparities in adult immunization rates, particularly for …

COVID-19 vaccinations. In addition, CHNY trained youth health ambassadors to promote vaccination and health

RAND Corporation · 24 July 2023 English

Increasing numbers of individuals with Down syndrome (DS) are reaching adulthood and older adulthood. Information about the impacts of longer lives and the increased prevalence of DS-associated Alzheimer's disease (DS-AD) …

supports, poverty, aging, disability, child and youth health and well-being, and quality of life, as well

Orygen · 9 July 2023 English

The role will involve the following: • attending governance coaching/training sessions; • reading all relevant papers in advance; • meeting with the chair of the Audit and Risk Committee or …

Specialist Program (formerly referred to as Orygen Youth Health Clinical Program), a tertiary clinical service

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