Zionism (Hebrew: צִיּוֹנוּת‎ Tsiyyonut [tsijoˈnut] after Zion) is both an ideology and nationalist movement among the Jewish people that espouses the re-establishment of and support for a Jewish state in the territory defined as the historic Land of Israel (roughly corresponding to Canaan, the Holy Land, or the region of Palestine). Modern Zionism emerged in the late 19th century in Central and Eastern Europe as a national revival movement, both in reaction to newer waves of antisemitism and as a response to Haskalah, or Jewish Enlightenment. Soon after this, most leaders of the movement associated the main goal with creating …

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Islamists as Partners in World War II

FPRI · 12 August 2021 English

al-Husaini that Zionists had no historical, national, or other rights in Palestine. He turned against Zionism and agreed with al-Husaini’s wish of annulling a Zionist home. Both were willing to serve Hitler’s

or other rights in Palestine. He turned against Zionism and agreed with al- Husaini’s wish of annulling opposed a Jewish home in Palestine. He said no to Zionism and has sway in India, Egypt, and Iran. 5. The

STATE OF POWER 2021 Coercive World

TNI · 16 June 2021 English

The function of the police, of the army, of all the coercive arms of the state has to be understand within the racist architecture in which it emerged. [...] These …

There are strong ideological affinities between Zionism and Hindu nationalism (Hindutva). Vinayak Damodar militarism, virulent Islamophobia and aggressive Zionism and convert them into policies and proposals for

end - Must read - In Brooklyn, It’s a Loud, Wide- open …

Jewish Week · 10 June 2021 English

Several of the candidates have switched be- tween the Democratic and Republican parties, and parts So when Chaim Deutsch won the district in 2013, it was of the district voted …

at least in some camps within Hasidic Williams- Zionism was increasing in popularity among American burg

end - Must read - Everything You Need to Know About the …

Jewish Week · 3 June 2021 English

The unfortunate truth is that much of the vio- lence stemmed from the reaction to the creation of the State of Israel. [...] The sons and daughters It is now …

advocates for a certain kind of Now questions whether Zionism — the movement for “wokeness.” Judaism instructs “Do justice, love ish Voice for Peace considers Zionism “a false and failed kindness, walk humbly with connection to Israel as did their parents. Post-Zionism is the two transgressions, because the people committed

Polish Journal of - Political Science - Volume 6 Issue 2 (2020)

INOP · 31 May 2021 English

It is also the aftermath of the division of Europe and the world into two opposing blocs: liberal-capitalist and Marxist, the decades that pass under the sign of the moral …

of interna- tional fight against colonialism, Zionism,12 and imperialism. The liberation of Palestine (2015). 11 Cf. Alexander (2003): 1. 12 More on Zionism cf. Schwartz (2009); Rotenstreich (2007). Secular Rotenstreich N. (2007), Zionism: Past and Present, Albany. Schwartz D. (2009), Religious-Zionism: History and Ideology

UNDERSTANDING QATARI AMBITION The Curriculum 2016–20 - An updated report with a

HJS · 24 May 2021 English

Her programs, notably in education and social affairs, promulgated a near explicit Westernization of elements of the education curriculum, including the shift of the language of instruction from Arabic to …

at least one textbook, but the description of Zionism as a racist movement was reintroduced. The curriculum it comes to discussion of Jews, antisemitism, Zionism, jihad, martyrdom, the just use of violence, Christians proposes that Israel is an occupying state and Zionism, associated with a Jewish ambition to rule the 2017, https://mosaicmagazine.com/response/israel-zionism/2017/06/the-balfour-declaration-was-more-than-the- 25–28, 32. 197 The description of Israel and Zionism in a 2019 History textbook is hostile. In the 2017

end - Must read - NYC’s mayoral candidates aren’t saying much about

Jewish Week · 20 May 2021 English

From round to round of While much of the world has clamored for Israel to ac- conflict, Hamas has grown from a dangerous terrorist cept a ceasefire, the United States, …

even say the word ‘nakba,’ but I don’t go to anti-Zionism, either,” she said. “I think it “It made me realize

Jerusalem, Sheikh Jarrah, Israel, Gaza There is a lot going on in …

JUF · 12 May 2021 English

The residents fled to the western part of the city when it was divided in the War of Independence, and the Jordanian government allowed Arab families who had fled from …

coalition largely because the right-wing Religious Zionism party and the Islamist Ra'am party refused to serve negotiations. Meanwhile, members of Religious Zionism have been at the forefront of fanning tensions

Stories for you to savor over Shabbat and Sunday

Forward Association · 22 April 2021 English

We’re trying to telegraph to people that For Arnow, the logistics of opening in-person services normal days are ahead.” feel “really tricky.” Whenever he’s tried to have And as those …

became United States; debated the politics of Zionism with its necessary to invent credentials for him

Index to - The S. Rajaratnam Private Papers - Folio No Title

ISEAS · 15 April 2021 English

Rajaratnam’s role SR.115 1) Election 2) Toh Chin Chye 3) Democracy 4) 1990-1993 Digitized Minister Edi Sudrajat SR.116 Articles, Newspaper Articles, Correspondences, 1943-2002 Digitized Notes – Elections, Ministers, South Asia …

Malaysia, Protests, 1986 Digitized Israel 1) Zionism 2) Chaim Herzog’s Singapore visit 3) Mahathir Mohamad Singapore, Malaysia, 1986-1987 Digitized Israel 1) Zionism 2) Chaim Herzog’s Singapore visit 3) People’s Action Singapore, Malaysia, 1986 Digitized Israel, ASEAN 1) Zionism 2) Aftermath of Chaim Herzog’s Singapore visit Malaysia, 1984-1986 Digitized Philippines, Israel 1) Zionism 2) Mahathir Mohamad 3) Chaim Herzog’s Singapore

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