cover image: QATAR, MONEY, AND TERROR - Doha’s Dangerous Policies OVERVIEW


QATAR, MONEY, AND TERROR - Doha’s Dangerous Policies OVERVIEW

11 Oct 2023

33 “Report on the Inquiry into: The Department of Defense’s May 2014 Transfer to Qatar of five law-of-war detainees in connection with the recovery of a captive U. [...] dollars (the chosen currency of Middle East terrorist networks) to Hamas and PIJ under the false guise of charitable donations.”36 Based in Birmingham, England, the British subsidiary of Al Rayan Bank is reportedly the largest and oldest Islamic bank in the United Kingdom. [...] The plaintiffs alleged they were subjected to “severe physical and psychiatric injuries” and displacement by al-Nusra Front.42 According to the lawsuit, the Khayyat brothers allegedly transferred large amounts of money via the bank to accounts in Turkey and Lebanon, where the cash was withdrawn and taken across the Syrian border for delivery to al-Nusra fighters, allowing al-Nusra “to cause loss a. [...] In November 2020, four of the plaintiffs withdrew their complaints, alleging intimidation from members of the Qatari government.46 In June 2021, a second group of Syrian refugees filed a lawsuit in the United Kingdom alleging a conspiracy by a group of Qatari officials and businessmen, two banks, and multiple charities conspired with the Qatari government, in coordination with the Muslim Brotherho. [...] QNB Group) is the largest banking network in Qatar.51 As of June 2020, the bank had $267 billion in assets and claimed to be the largest bank in the Middle East and Africa region.52 The bank has branches throughout the Middle East, Asia, Africa, and Europe.53 A U.



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