cover image: IAP Science Policy Brief - Climate Change Adaptation for Health: Systems-based


IAP Science Policy Brief - Climate Change Adaptation for Health: Systems-based

30 Nov 2023

2023 for recent update on safe and to: summarise some of the various ways to proceed with • Derive shared lessons for health adaptation good practice to guide impact measures for avoiding just earth system boundaries) and climate change has adaptation studies and share good practice; help raise maladaptation, understanding the limits to adaptation and underpin health system resilience the potentia. [...] health inequalities and climate injustice; and explore Therefore, climate change adaptation and mitigation opportunities for coordination of policy action across • Clarify the intersection between climate change and other health crises e.g. [...] Actions must of the impacts of climate change on health and the actions also address the current fragmentation and imbalance in taken to address it. [...] PATHWAYS OF RISK FOR VULNERABLE the global network of academies of science, engineering GROUPS and medicine, using a regional-to-global model, incorporated evidence and perspectives from Africa, Asia, Health risk is a function of hazard, exposure and the Americas and Europe (IAP, 2022, Fears et al. [...] 2023) where a decline in law the need for faster progress in integrated planning and enforcement has led to increases in deforestation and implementation to address knowledge, institutional and biomass burning, which increase GHG emissions, and lead economic barriers, a conclusion that is consistent with the to drying and warming of the Amazon forests.
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