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Freshwater in Canada-5-December

18 Dec 2023

In 2020, working with our partners, Massey College was engaged in a series of national and regional webinars with the water community to promote the idea of a Canada Water Agency and these efforts were rewarded by the announcements of the Federal government in the 2022 budget that such an Agency would indeed be created and in the 2023 budget that the Agency would be headquartered in Winnipeg, Mani. [...] It will be necessary to adhere to the principles of the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples (UNDRIP) if we are to achieve the new levels of trust and cooperation throughout the establishment of the Canada Water Agency that will make this new institution successful. [...] In a clear response to the previous panel, it was also that it was clear that the Canada Water Agency would not start out with the capacity and all the expertise it needed, but that expertise was in the audience, expertise that the Canada Water Agency can take advantage of through roundtables and the establishment of deeper relationships with the expanded water community in Canada. [...] Mechanisms, Capacity and Distribution of Funds: It is understood that the distribution and management of the Fresh Water Action Plan funds will be the responsibility of ECCC, including the Canada Water Agency, Science and Technology Branch and the Meteorological Services of Canada. [...] In fact, it seems that once the state of emergency was declared and evacuations announced, many of the Leaders and senior officials normally on the bridge of the NWT ship of state in Yellowknife, decamped and joined the exodus of evacuees.



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