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1 Dec 2023

The program aims to help decision-makers of philanthropic organizations and other grant-making bodies to propel progress in critical areas to reshape the The Breakthrough Effect in ASEAN report regional policy agenda and enable the more demonstrates the importance of supporting effective deployment of capital towards climate disruptive technologies to solve climate challenges action. [...] government subsidy program to OEMs to incentivize the purchase of electric and hybrid vehicles was The emergence of new laws and regulations can also proven to accelerate the adoption of the technology. [...] has one of the largest market potentials—accounting for 20% of the global two-wheeler fleet.32 Furthermore, ASEAN is strategically located at the crossroads of For ASEAN, the impacts of climate change are major shipping routes, contributing to at least 10% of especially relevant as the region is one of the most the world’s shipping volume. [...] Myanmar, the for 20% of global bunkering demand, underscoring Philippines, Thailand, and Vietnam are already among the region’s significance in shaping the future of low- the 10 countries in the world that have suffered the carbon global shipping. [...] Nevertheless, the report does recognize the critical importance of the AFOLU sector in the context of ASEAN’s decarbonization efforts given both the potential and significance of the sector to the region’s economy.
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