cover image: AFGHANISTAN: IPC Acute Food Insecurity Snapshot | - October 2023 - March 2024 13.1M


AFGHANISTAN: IPC Acute Food Insecurity Snapshot | - October 2023 - March 2024 13.1M

13 Dec 2023

climate conditions and the replacement of poppy areas with competition due to continued high levels of unemployment, on top of the normal seasonal decrease wheat, while in the eastern, southeastern, central and western of work opportunities during wintertime. [...] Due to migrants from Pakistan and Iran during the winter months in Afghanistan will likely induce an above- including increasing levels to cover all populations classified in the improved precipitation forecast and expected support to average supply of laborers to the market, driving average income down among those who access this Crisis (IPC Phase 3) and Emergency (IPC Phase 4) is imperative. [...] summer period, and ultimately to the pausing of assistance to more than 150 districts, to reserve resources for the winter lean Integrated programs: Develop and implement joint integrated season, especially in highly vulnerable areas of the country at programs in collaboration with nutrition, health, and WASH risk of being cut-off. [...] Acute food insecurity in the current October 2023 period is at the lowest level recorded in Afghanistan programs: Given the low resilience of the population and their Due to the lack of employment opportunities in Iran and the since 2017. [...] mass deportation is expected to exacerbate the competition proportion of acute food insecurity is projected to decrease from 46 percent to 36 percent compared to for scarce wage work opportunities during the winter and the same period in 2022.
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