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13 Dec 2023

Despite the reduced humanitarian food assistance (HFA) due to the scale down and reduced rations, the amount and coverage contributed to a significantly exposed population of IPC Phase 4 even over the summer period, which was confirmed in the current analysis. [...] The worsening food security situation from the current to projection period is Though this assistance only covers 50 mostly related to the seasonally reduced level of employment opportunities due to percent of needs for beneficiaries in the weather conditions that reduce the level of income and the purchasing power, Phase 3 and Phase 4 areas. [...] Due to the improved precipitation forecast and expected support to the changes (namely directives to limit the wheat sector and the compounded effect of certified seed distribution and previous use of foreign currency in transactions year seed retention from farmers, the areas cultivated with certified seeds will likely in southern provinces), are expected to bolster the Afghani. [...] The below graph shows that this year, the proportion of population classified in Phase 3 and 4 during the projection period is 36 percent (28 percent in Crisis and 8 percent in Emergency) which remains higher compared to the long-term trend especially before the occurrence of the political change. [...] AFGHANISTAN | IPC ACUTE FOOD INSECURITY ANALYSIS 18 Background on the use of Flowminder and NSIA population What is the IPC and IPC Acute Food estimates Insecurity? From 2011 to mid-2021, the NSIA conducted a form of rolling census, the Socio- The IPC is a set of tools and procedures to classify Demographic and Economic Survey (SDES), which included enumeration of 50 the severity and characteristi.
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