NOTICE INVITING QUOTATION - निनिदा आमंत्रण सूचिा


NOTICE INVITING QUOTATION - निनिदा आमंत्रण सूचिा

22 Dec 2023

When the rates quoted by the Contractor in figures and in words tallies, but the amount is not worked out correctly, the rate quoted by the Contractor shall be taken as correct and not the amount. [...] NABARD shall have the power to inspect the Wage Register and for physical verification of salary paid to the staff with reference to any records of the Contractor and to insist the Contractor to comply with Laws. [...] In such cases, contractor shall submit the documents supporting the cost of the material purchased and Quotation of the material specified in the Quotation for consideration of the Bank. [...] The Contractor shall be fully responsible and shall compensate NABARD in the event of any damage to men or material, injury / damage or death as the case may be, caused directly or indirectly due to the negligence of the Contractor or his agents and / or his employees, or workmen. [...] any claim by an employee of mine/ours or of sub-contractor/s, if any, under the Workmen Compensation Act and Employers Liability Act, 1939 or any other law, rules and regulations in force for the time being and any Acts replacing and/or amend the same or any of the same as may be in force at the time and under any law in respect of injuries to persons or property arising out of and in the course o.


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NOTICE INVITING QUOTATION - निनिदा आमंत्रण सूचिा [from PDF fonts]