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V OLUME 23 • I SSUE 23

17 Dec 2023

At the end of 2022, units of the Eastern Theater Navy and Air Force practiced the first half of the aforementioned formula, “mutually servicing aircraft of the same type” (National Defense and Military Affairs 6 . [...] The editorial itself opined that the NPC had, “on the basis of the rule of law, promoted and guaranteed New Era patriotic education, inspiring the nation's spirit, concentrating the people's strength, advancing the building of a strong country [and] national revival with extremely significant and profound meaning” (People’s Daily, November 23). [...] Loyalty to the Party as the Most Essential Element of Patriotism The clearest message contained in the law is that the fundamental element of “patriotism” consists of absolute loyalty to the ruling CCP. [...] In an early section of the document that identifies the “fundamental content of patriotic education (爱国主义教育的主要内容),” the first three entries cover: the evolution of Communist ideology under the CCP; the history of the CCP and the history of “New China” under the CCP; 11 ChinaBrief • Volume 23 • Issue 23 • December 15, 2023 and “the system of socialism with. [...] Many outside observers are too quick to dismiss the central role that ideology plays in the functions of the CCP Party-state, and therefore fail to understand the Party’s policy-making orientation, and the institutional worldview of its leadership.


Arran Hope

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