cover image: Strategic Plan 2023-2028


Strategic Plan 2023-2028

7 Dec 2023

New media and the high degree We acknowledge and appreciate the support and partnership of our donors of digital literacy among urban and many other organizations and citizens and youth are also individuals. [...] Build and promote pathways for Indigenous Peoples and local communities to receive climate and conservation funding directly and have the capacity to co-design projects and benefit from them equitably. [...] RECOFTC recognizes that gender Support women, youth and other equality and equity are matters of marginalized groups to take part fundamental human rights and social in and lead community forests and justice, and are preconditions for community-based enterprises, and sustainable forest governance. [...] approach to expand the representation and leadership of women and other marginalized groups, increase their Assumptions access to income and other economic Governments allow stakeholders assets, promote gender-inclusive policy to meaningfully participate in and extension services, and tackle and influence decision-making root barriers including harmful gender processes, and stakeholders want norm. [...] Demonstrate that when communities have rights and capacities to manage and use local forest landscapes and their resources, they can protect those areas, secure decent livelihoods, and contribute to action addressing climate change and the loss of biodiversity and ecosystem services.
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