cover image: Roadmap to Nature Positive: Foundations for the agri-food system Row crop commodities subsector


Roadmap to Nature Positive: Foundations for the agri-food system Row crop commodities subsector

25 Oct 2023

In the next phase, value-added materials used in economic activities the Roadmaps to Nature Positive will provide with material links to the key drivers of biodiversity deeper guidance on metrics and indicators and loss, resource depletion and ecosystem the target-setting and reporting processes. [...] See the materiality footprint two to six times larger than the Brazilian matrixes (tables 1, 2, 3 and 4) for the primary average due to land-use change (72% to 87% outputs of this materiality screening, aligned with of the total) and the heavy use of lime for soil the structure and methods of the leading nature- correction to maintain adequate conditions to related assessment tools and frameworks. [...] Agri-food land-use change in GHG emissions and nature companies up and down the value chain play a impacts related to soy production, quantitative critical role in collaborating with the full range values can vary greatly between studies and of stakeholders to address and resolve these data sources and depend on practices in the challenges to drive change at the speed and field. [...] The new rules aim to: frameworks, including CDP, GHG Protocol Land Sector and Removals Guidance, the Science Based → Avoid that the listed products Europeans buy, Targets Network (SBTN) and the Science Based use and consume contribute to deforestation Targets initiative Forest Land and Agriculture and forest degradation in the EU and globally; Guidance (SBTi-FLAG). [...] The group from land use change (Pillar 1); includes 21 of the world’s largest brand-owners → The role companies play in supporting and retailers and engages with more than 150 the transition to forest-positive land-use stakeholder organizations from civil society, management and commodity production in across the supply chain, production landscapes landscapes (Pillar 2); and multiple levels of gov.
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