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ARC Centre of Excellence in Population Ageing

15 Dec 2023

The mortality rate is only partially altered, and the prior reason is the causal effect of the target place on longevity, such as the environment and the medical and aged care facilities. [...] The MLA is based on both the borrower’s age x and the value of the home equity used as collateral for the loan: MLAx,t = ⌊10−4Ht⌋ × ACPx, (10) where the details of the age component ACPx will be provided in Appendix B. [...] The variables of interest in this section are generally separated into two categories: (i) the variables related to the old residential property in the original location o and to 11 2.5 Strategies for equity release in the Australian context the residential property/rented space in the new location j; (ii) variables related to the residential property belonging to a non-mover in location j. [...] The mortality rates are calculated based on the occurrence of deaths in the two-year period and the estimated resident population at the midpoint of that period. [...] The proportions represent the proportion of people in each state among the total number of people alive at the beginning of the simulation.
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