cover image: Aware Super My Retirement Planner - Estelle Liu 6 December 2023


Aware Super My Retirement Planner - Estelle Liu 6 December 2023

11 Dec 2023

My Retirement Planner – help our members get retirement ready Our mission: helping our members get retirement ready and delivering more retirement income Making help, guidance and advice more accessible and affordable is a key pillar to achieve this. [...] Ø Focuses on the question “How much do I need to retire?” Ø A new digital advice tool designed for accumulation members Ø Implemented our Retirement Confidence Score Ø Statement projections and advertisement campaign Ø Super helpful check in Easy to use. [...] Builds in smarts to improve member outcomes SW Four simple steps to get a personalised retirement plan 1. [...] explorer ~20%) time users • Median score 78% • Median score is higher 1 year from retirement - at 88% Usage by age Usage by balance • ~70% of members who complete the • 82% of current users are 45+ (72% 50+) • Members with higher balances are tool and use play mode found a way to 8,000 21% 22% 25% more likely to use MRP and SH check-in improve their score16% 6,000 11% 20%10% 4,000 6% 15% 2% 4% 4%. [...] 90%+ of the users are new to advice, really high satisfaction scores Visit the Super Helpful website to complete your check-in SW Make help, • Focus on the key questions that members have so that we are empowering guidance and them to engage with their super• Superannuation is about providing retirement income - helping members take advic.
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