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19 Dec 2023

The applicants allege that the procurement of 1,500 MWs of new coal-fired power allowed by the Ministry represents a severe threat Southeast Asia to the constitutional rights of the people of South Africa, especially their environmental rights, the best interests of the child, and the rights to life, dignity and equality, among others. [...] The blue loan the blue loan are passed via the 5 IUCN red-listed whale and dolphin lender used the proceeds of the blue loan lender to the issuer and species live in the region. [...] Unlike issuer and, in the case of a default previous DFNSs, the blue bonds of Gabon, by the DFC PRI, as the Major calving site were marketed and issued in the benefit of any pay-out under the for the humpback whale. [...] two 970 MWe nuclear reactors, the reliance of the electrical A country will need to ratify which started commercial operation grid infrastructure, the potential the conventions that form part in the 1980s and which output sites that may be suitable to of the international nuclear legal accounted for 4.9 percent of the construct nuclear facilities and the framework if it intends to develop a electr. [...] It is important however, that the conventions to which they are a party be duly incorporated into their national legal and regulatory framework, and that the key organizations are established (i.e., the governmental organization in charge of implementing the nuclear power program, the regulatory body and the owner/operator of the nuclear power plant).
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